What can I do about a website that isn't paying what they promised?

United States
October 6, 2011 3:36pm CST
I put photos up on another website that promises payment for your activity. It has been three months now that they have recognized my earnings but refuse to put it into my account. I have asked them twice and they only keep saying, we'll have one of our specialists review that. They don't say they'll get back to me, they don't go ahead and up my earnings into my withdrawal account, they don't deny that I am owed those earnings. What recourse do I have but to keep on asking them? I am so disappointed as I was surely enjoying the photo site.
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• United States
7 Oct 11
Contact the site and remind them that you requested payment, usu8ally, if they are legit they will try to pay you soon after you contact them. If you don't ever get paid, write a negative review about them. Letting people know that a site doesn't pay will get their attention, but before you write the review, make sure you've done everything possible to get paid first.
• United States
7 Oct 11
I'm on the third request right now. They have through Monday at the close of business to reply with a reason. Then I'll move forward. Thanks!
@jennybianca (12912)
• Australia
7 Oct 11
There are so, so many sites that are scams. Or at best, they start of being geunine, but because they can't sustain their program, thye just refuse to pay. I was involved in online marketing for years, and although I became quite good at recognising unreliable sites, it is not always posible to tell for sure. What was the purpose of this site? did you just upload photos? Could you give me the link here, or if not alllowed, can you PM me the link?
• United States
7 Oct 11
Hi, Jenny - I will let you all know after I give them a chance to respond to my last request. I will also let you all know what the outcome is. So be sure to check back. Right now, I don't want to slam their name until they reply to me. They guaranteed 48 hours and as the weekend is upon us, I will give them through Monday to answer.
@chillpill90 (1936)
6 Oct 11
i think it could be that they are checking the photos you have put up to check they do not break any terms or conditions. could you tell us the name of the site so others here do not waste their time on this site.
• United States
6 Oct 11
I don't want to disclose the name of the site until I hear their response to my last request, as I should let them reply to the request I sent this morning. Should they not comply then I will be happy to share. As to them checking on the photos, come on.... three months! They promise 30 days of checking for each month. I want to give them this last chance to come straight. Also, taking my photos down will be a real big project as I have almost 800 of them posted there! But if they aren't paying me, I don't want them collecting on my work any more either.
@AdalieM (1134)
• United States
18 Nov 11
Well, that's bad and sorry. I would contact the Adm to fix the problem, but since you have asked them twice about your problem and they didn't do anything. I would leave the site and warn other people about this site before they do the exact same thing to somebody else.
• India
7 Oct 11
there are many sites like that which promises a lot and never pays you nothing in return.. just consult or surf the net in detail to get more info about it..
• United States
7 Oct 11
Yes, you are correct. There should really be some recourse in the matter. They have no respect for the value of people's time.
@MrGhost (550)
25 Mar 13
You are helpless, you cannot take any action against the site. What you can do is to disclose its name in all the forums you are attached to so that others may be careful about it and those who are willing to join it, can skip away from it.
@stephcjh (38473)
• United States
11 Oct 11
You can turn them in somewhere online. I hate scams like that.
@jpso138 (7851)
• Philippines
2 Nov 11
Unfortunately, there is not much you can do if such site will not pay you. But of course, you can simply ignore them and stop wasting your time on such, or you can also share that site here and inform everyone that such site is no good so as to prevent others from becoming a victim. Nevertheless, it would be worthwhile to wait a while and see how thing goes.
• Mexico
17 Oct 11
Hi Kizzi Cat fish: That's sad. Maybe you should try to read some reviews to be completely sure if the site is legit or not. Find what people are saying about this site and if you find that without the money you were earning, site don't worth a visit, leave it or find another business model like the one you are mentioning that is actually paying. ALVARO
@ekoytyas (4679)
• Indonesia
23 Oct 11
just leave it bro or you just waste your time there. the will not pay you.
@DoctorDidi (7018)
• India
15 Oct 11
I think you have nothing to do but to quit the site immediately. Meanwhile, you may share your experience of the site and warn others about the site in all the forums to which you belong.
@naija4real (1291)
16 Nov 11
Before joining any website that promise to pay for your service, make sure you visit their forum page and then ask question from other old timer and also read their faq rules. do not just jump into any website from the very onset or you risk loosing your money, time and energy. You will also be emotionally troubled when you end up being scam. thanks