are u revenge dater ??

October 29, 2011 12:09pm CST
hey guys , i have heard this story many times where a girl dumps a boy and afterwards the boy somehow gets the girl but he instead of being in true relationship thinks oftakin the revenge and in return cheats the girl and humiliates her ...!! i dont know whether its rite or rong ! can u decide ??
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@Vidianto (36)
• Indonesia
31 Oct 11
that's the love is and we can predict what will happen then. For the first time she might be not love him so much just because she felt so lonely, she accepted his love then, but the situation reversed where over a fairly long time her love to him is becoming grown in her heart. Next chapter, she got problem whether jealousy or sumthing matter and afterward she dumps him with the thought it's so easy for her to forget him, but she forgot sumthing that she had loved him so badly, the consequence is her heart got playing by him, nothing more hope for her, just walk away from his life forever and ever, as you know if he acts like this unmatured manner he will do another day when he got the pain cos of you. So, watch out girls!!
@ifa225 (14364)
• Indonesia
30 Oct 11
i often see this too. for me it is wrong, revenge only make your soul empty. what do u get in getting revenge? you got nothing but a pain
@pardhu8 (390)
• India
29 Oct 11
Hi rbose,Once the mirror or a heart breaks then we can never set them as it was before...So,once break up happens then its gone forever...even they meet up again they will never believe each other.
@katie0 (5203)
• Japan
29 Oct 11
I did revenge my first boyfriend, I think we all meet these garbages but it's forgivable when they are the first or when we are really naive, he cheated on me while I trusted him. I never got it conformed but I HEARD about so for me it was enough, I never wanted to be those blind girls that defends their boyfriends so I gave a very light kiss on a guy who was crazy about me, told the boyfriend, break up with him and went to live my life. He then started to stalk me, what a looser. Didn't value me when he had me and then become a stalker. I think people with low selfesteem likes to humiliate those who likes them but when I just wanted him to go to hell then he's a stalker... That was the only time and I think it was the biggest revenge. If I was ever cheated I wouldn't get out the relationship before giving it back, but just a kiss, can't go low because a looser. Have a great day!!!
@Riead68 (51)
• Malaysia
30 Oct 11
First, waht i believe is, if anyone love you she will never dump you. if anyone dump you thats means she never love you. suppose if anyone dump you means, she plays with your mind. Even animal also dnt dump their loving one. that means you can understand what i mean.... Now some one did it to you, if you do the same thing to her what is the difference between you and her.. thank you