who is best in WWE?

@yskaps (233)
November 3, 2011 3:20am CST
in my opinion, john cena who is best. And he showing redicular fight. What's ur opinion?
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24 Nov 11
I have to say CM Punk. He is not only great at speaking and conveying his thoughts to the fans but he talks sense. His promos are always interesting. In the ring he can go toe to toe with anyone. I find John Cena is shoved down our throats too much. He always beats the odds no matter how many guys he's up against. Also I believe his character has gone stale, once upon a time he was fresh and interesting but now his PG character just seems cheesy and lame.
14 Dec 11
100% agree Get that man his ice cream bars
@dharanil (319)
• India
4 Nov 11
IMO Randy orton and John cena....
• Australia
9 Nov 11
my fave wrestler is Y2J but as he is not there atm i think john cena is the best wrestler there just for him mic ability and his star pull
@SQD444 (677)
• India
17 Nov 11
i was always a fan of wwe.. but these days i have become a regular viewer .. now am kind of addicted and waits for every monday and friday to watch the different shows raw and smackdown.. i dont think about the realty in the show.. i dont care if the fights are real of scripted and fake.. all i care about is is it is entertaining...i mean the actions they perform live in front of thousands of people are awesome... none of the film actions can match this.. they are performing all that live and continous... isnt that something great..and all the wrestler are so fast evern though they are huge... it is definitely comething to be appreciated. these days am a big fan of randy orton and sheamus
• United States
21 Feb 12
Mine is Wade Barrett, Justin Gabriel, Sheamus, CM Punk, Alberto Del Rio, and Zack Ryder.
• New Zealand
3 Nov 11
Yeah I second that John Cena!!!
@majali10 (21)
13 Dec 11
CM Punk is the best,he can defeat john cena.He has more charisma than john cena.Also,you cant even compare CM Punk to john cena.CM Punk is the best in the world :)