should I quit my job?

November 3, 2011 8:47am CST
I have a job as a tester in probationary period. It offer above average salary and coworkers are friendly. However, I feel that I stucked in a circle. Just running around and around that circle. My major is IT but... why do I feel like I was choosing the wrong job. Should I quit my job? What can I tell my parents if I quit; they expect to much from me.
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@mariahhh (1328)
• United Arab Emirates
14 Nov 11
It depends on you, do you want to quit? Do you want to change jobs and move to IT jobs? I guess the best thing to do is to plan first. Make sure that before resigning, you already have a new job waiting for you. At least your parents will not say anything since you also have new job waiting.
@Porcospino (31366)
• Denmark
9 Nov 11
If you feel that you have chosen the wrong job and want to do something else instead you could keep your job and study part time. I would do that if I were you. I think it is too risky to quit your job if you don't have another job or another education, but if you continue working and study part time you will be able to apply for another job when you finish your education. That way you can find a job that is more challenging or more interesting, and you don't have worry about unemployment or financial problems. Your parents might get disappointed if you "just" quit your job, but if you have another alternative and if you know what you want to do instead and how to achieve it they will probably be more understanding.
@maximax8 (31053)
• United Kingdom
7 Nov 11
I think that it would be better if you built up more experience and then move to a better job in a couple of years time. I feel that if you give up your job now you might be unemployed for a long time. This is due to the recession and many people are out their seeking a job. You know it might be easier for you to find another job in a few years time. You should keep out your knowledge of IT I think. Your parents will be disappointed if you leave your job. When I was 20 years old I got made redundant and it was impossible to get another job. I filled out so many application forms and went to some interviews but the competition was stiff. Being unemployed is horrible because of having so little money and miserable experiences job seeking. I decided to let out my cottage, get working holiday visa for Australia and go off traveling around the world. If you really can't stand working there I suggest seeking and obtaining a more enjoyable job. Good luck.
@tessa9 (1085)
• Philippines
4 Nov 11
With the economy I don;t think that you should quit a job if you don't have another one waiting for you. You should look for jobs that you feel passionate about then quit your recent job if you find employment in that field. Your parents maybe disappointed but it is really not about them anymore. It's your life. It's not like you are doing something that will make you worst. Just explain it to them. But my advice is not to quit your recent job if there are no alternatives. It is pretty hard to get a job now.
@kaichoukebz (1190)
• Philippines
3 Nov 11
What job do you really want? What job makes you feel comfortable? If you really want to quit your job, your parents will understand you provided you must be honest to them. Give them enough reason why you are quitting your job. It is all up to you gem. You are the one who knows yourself. You are the one who is capable to determine your own skills. Use these skills effectively in order to gain triumph someday. Follow your heart's desire if what job you truly want. Where your heart is, there your treasure will be.
@bjc66bjc (6730)
• United States
4 Nov 11 are in the minority....most people are asking and applying for a jobs...but you are luckly enough to be asking "should I quit my job"..just let me say that those who are fortunately to have a job truly don't normally have that delemia...But until you get something else I think you should try to hang in there. if you explain to your parents what your issues at your job perhaps they are a little more understanding than you think...