Writing Tips for Factoidz

@Lukkyr (67)
United States
March 19, 2012 1:25pm CST
Do any of you have any writing tips for writing for Factoidz? I just recently read recommendations for Factoidz from several writers on the Internet. They said they really like Factoidz better than some other writing sites because they get an upfront payment and payment for views and there is no minimum for payment. They also said their articles get more visitors on Factoidz. Do you have any tips for how to do the references to sources and links?
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@lifes97 (884)
• United Arab Emirates
19 Mar 12
i try factoidz so mauch and they always reject the topics fast for small even mistakes i loooking for new sites to write nice articles but did not find yet, do you write in other sites other than factoids if so can you tell us what sites accept international witers
@lrglara (1334)
• Philippines
28 Mar 12
you can try helium[dot]com and yahoo contributors. they accept international writers, if you want to give it a try. :)
@ip5217 (1655)
• Philippines
1 Apr 12
Thanks for the suggestion lrglara. I hope Helium does pay upfront, too. I will check them out now.
@kiran8 (15348)
• Mangalore, India
9 Aug 17
I used to write for Factoidz a long time ago and they did pay well. However the site is now called Knoji and they don't pay any more fom what I know because I have more than 150 articles that generate views but they don't pay. .
@peavey (16936)
• United States
19 Mar 12
I don't know what kind of tips you're looking for, but just make sure to keep the link to any references you use. You can put it in the body of the article or add it to the end. Read some of the articles there and you'll see how others have done it. You're not supposed to use referral links of any kind. The editor is self explanatory and it's easy to make HTML links with it.
23 Mar 12
I personally feel it is a waste of time to spend for writing articles on Factoidz. I have submitted two articles till now and both were rejected with the reason of plagiarism. But, i checked those articles in copyscape and it was cleared. If you want your articles to be approved on Factoidz, you must entirely been a original author for a content (It means you can write an article about your nearest temple or tourists spot or something you are too familiar). But, i feel it is difficult to make quality articles without getting at least a little bit reference from some other articles.
• United States
20 Mar 12
I do not think factoidz is a good site. I have tried but it doesn't work well. I have not found a good site for posting content but I will keep you posted.