no body even after regular workouts?

April 12, 2012 1:36pm CST
some of my friends even after regular weight training exercise in gym,they can't develop a masculine body.Of course they gain a good body shape but no muscular shape or cuts in the body. Why is it so?
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• United States
12 Apr 12
It depends on what type of exercises they are doing and their diet as well. You can workout all day, but it won't matter if you reward yourself with a burger, shake, and fries at the end of it. Also, some bodies genetics are more proned to building muscle in a different way than others. If they want to start seeing 'cuts' in the body, they should change up their workout to make sure all muscles are being worked.
12 Apr 12
I used to be a body building trainer and what you are saying it spot one. Plus, most people who cannot develop muscles due genetic reasons have to take particular nutrients and/or steroids to develop them...Which isn't a wise thing to do in the long term!
• India
15 Apr 12
thank you,it was my fried who was under going this problem,he does lots of exercise,swets a lot but no body.
• Philippines
14 Jul 12
To attain good muscular physique, it takes patience, rest, good nutrition, and ofcourse good knowledge of what you are doing. Hitting the gym 24/7 does not guarantee you a good muscular physique if you do not know what the hell are you doing. There are so many factors that affect your muscle growth and simply hitting the gym everyday wont make it work. nutrition and rest are key players in developing muscle growth. IMO 3-4 times a week of gym is the appropriate number of times you should exercise if you want to grow muscle. It is in the resting period where the muscle grows, not when you are in the gym exercising. When you are exercising, your are "tearing" your muscles so that new muscle tissues are formed during resting and supplying the right amount of nutrition in your body. so if one of those factors are not met, then dont really expect muscle growth.