Capitalism & Competitivness

United States
April 24, 2012 4:16pm CST
In his recent article, David Brooks talks about the founder of Paypal, Peter Thiel, who said that people confuse capitalism and competitiveness. We try to be competitive in life to get ahead financially and with status. But capitalism goes well with creativity. Thiel makes the point that instead of trying to be better than anybody else, we should try to create a new market and dominate it. That means doing something so creative that you establish a whole new market. He says that competition can hinder creativity. Creative people, like myself, don't follow the crowds, they follow her hearts and minds. They seek out new ideas or old ideas not thought about by the population. Instead of being the best in a field, try to create a new one. That's the success of a true capitalist. That's what I got from Peter Thiel's ideas.
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• India
5 Oct 12
The structural elements of capitalism are competitiveness, choice, and customer-ended value creation. Innovation provides focus and basis for all three elements. This has been the basis of growth and development of the western developed economies for at least past two centuries. Thus, capitalism as defined by competitiveness of corporations. The of State capitalism has emerged and is a major new challenge
• United States
24 Apr 12
That is a wonderful idea, if you can think of a new idea! He is right, that the stuff that is already done, is overdone, by the time you end up mastering it. Finding new twists, turns, and overall new ideas is the best way to get ahead in the world. Just have to make sure you are not too ahead of your time, because that can also hurt you in the end!