Is God Uncaring and Hardhearted?

May 12, 2012 5:09am CST
If God cared, would not the world be a very different place? What we have now is a world full of war, hatred, and misery. We get sick, we suffer, we lose loved ones in death. If God cared about us and our problems, would he not prevent such things from happening? Well, I know many people would have answered no to the question raised in the title. The first paragraph explains why people have such an opinion, and yes, it is realistic. Additionally, even religious teachers teach that the wrong things that happen to us, the tragedy, are God's "will". Being someone who believes that God exists and that God is love, as the Bible says, I searched for what the Bible REALLY teaches. I found a fulfilling answer in James 1:13, where it is written: "When under trial, let no one say: 'I am being tried by God.' For with evil things God cannot be tried nor does he himself try anyone." This means God is never the source of the wickedness we see in the world around us. But yes, he does allow bad things to happen. However, there is a big difference between allowing something to happen and causing it. For example, think about a wise and loving father with a grown son who is still living at home with his parents. When the son becomes rebellious and decides to leave home, his father does not stop him. The son pursues a bad way of life and gets into trouble. Is the father the cause of his son’s problems? No. (Luke 15:11-13) Similarly, God has not stopped humans when they have chosen to pursue a bad course, but he is not the cause of the problems that have resulted. Surely, then, it would be unfair to blame God for all the troubles of mankind. I have found this truth from the Bible a relieving one and it really gave me hope. I wanted to share with everyone the TRUTHS that I have learned from the Bible and I decided to share it here. I know we all have a lot of questions about things in life, why God let this happen to us, what is his plan, what's going to happen in the future, etc. However, reading a very long post can be boring. Feel free to ask questions you have and I will do my best to answer it from the Bible. You can search the Bible for yourself so you can see the hope and joy I have found.
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@jennyze (7045)
• Indonesia
14 May 12
Wow, you are a good preacher. I also believe in God and I try not to question on anything that happened in the world. I would only think that everything happened for a reason, or anything happened because of the result of people own behavior. Yes, we have so many choices in this world and God will never stop us from doing what we want, only God always send a conscience to us before we took the steps, which unfortunately most of us ignored.
• Philippines
13 May 12
This is very enlightening. I myself am just starting to learn about the bible. I've learned quite a few things, and it's very good justification here and biblical reference that God does not try anyone, or that he is not the cause of these troubles. But there is something about "God shaking the faith" of people. What form of shaking? I've spoken with different pastors, they explained that something as simple as an earthquake is already shaking the faith. I forgot how they said it. Something about trying to weed out those who must stay in this life, hence all the shaking.
@matersfish (6313)
• United States
13 May 12
Your second-to-last paragraph, which speaks about the son leaving home and getting into trouble, is true. It is not the father's fault. Perhaps, though, the parenting could be been more loving and more attentive, but at the end of the day, we're each our own person. I have viewed god a different way. I imagine a father who offers his son love only if the son does exactly what the father says. How does the father attempt to get the son to love and to do those things the father thinks he should do? The father screams of his jealousy and his need for control; the father threatens to damn the son to an eternity of torment if the son doesn't follow a path the father thinks is righteous. But because it is supposedly out of "love," the son follows or suffers. But in all cases the suffering is always the option left on the table. So how could true love ever be coerced through fear? At best it's some version of Stockholm syndrome. If what you write are truths for you, I genuinely wish you all the best and I am genuinely happy for you. But I come away with something completely different when I read the Bible. It is a book that frightens me. I ask myself a very honest question, and since it's only myself I need to deal with, I owe myself a very honest answer. "Can something like this actually be true?" Something contemplated for thousands of years! It's not like my pea-brain is going to make a breakthrough! But the answer I come up with: "I surely hope not."
@krajibg (11934)
• Guwahati, India
12 May 12
First thing, none knows if God is hardhearted person. All the religious books say God is good. He is for the good of mankind. Now if you feel that God is partial and hardhearted it must be your own feeling. They say there is no hell nor heaven. This Earth itself is all. Your suffering and joy are the two parts of hell and heaven respectively.
@kukueye (1761)
• Malaysia
12 May 12
Blame god to escape own fault. - god is not santa clause.
I think god has decided to let man/woman do their own things and suffer the consequence of it , i like sometime parents allow their children to do wrong things so they know the harm of it, sometime it can become scasastic or too much to bear because the suffering man to each other is too much to bear by others . In the moment of cannot do anything people tend to blame god and not themselves.
@vjsinduja (1035)
• Sri Lanka
12 May 12
God does exists.. We worship in different forms.. We go through troubles and pains because: 1. Due to our past birth karma. 2. A true devotee will never forget God what ever the problems n pains he goes through...One day God will solve all problems... Some people be happy at the young age and go through problems n suffer when they are old.. For some.. it's vice versa.. The best example would be me itself.. I completed my degrre at 21 n was looking for a job.. I didn't get.. by 23.. my parents decide to find a proposal for me.. only ended up in fights... I prayed to God.. After my 25th b\day only I got a job.. close by n I am enjoying.. Both my Boss n Madam are really nice people.. All so friendly... Though I cried suffered for 4 years.. I got a good job.. Because I didn't a job.. my Aunt even embarrassed me asking what I studied Now it's my marriage.. Looking for proposals since I was 23.. God will give me good man.. Have faith & patience..WIth time.. God will give what u ask for
@berting600 (3455)
• Philippines
12 May 12
God is the only One who takes good care of us all.Even if He have help others there are so many hard headed in this world to be taken good care of.God is really helpful and merciful,so your compliance to His rules should also commensurate with what you like to happened.We can not blamed Him what had happened to this world for He have already done what is worthy.Sacrifice is the only way to fulfill what you wanted.If you really wanted some actions do some sacrificial prayers everyday and I assure you that God is not deaf in your commitments.Your prayer is the only way to your sufferings to be healed by His mercy.