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May 25, 2012 4:20am CST
Today I filed my income tax return ONLINE for the current financial year. I had to show how much I earned from my pension, as interest on fixed deposits, royalty from books; remuneration from work connected to various examinations; arrear salary of 2006 to 2008; well it was a good sum; one can’t hide; the penalty if detected is so many times of the tax you hide. [b]I am not against payment of tax, because this money is utilized for good causes by the government. [/b] [b]But the same money is used to give things to the so called poor against BPL cards as I have said in my discussion. [/b] [b]Well we have to pay tax, because all income is white, recorded in paper. Here the barber who cuts hair in the saloon, the beautician who run beauty parlor, even the teas and snack sellers on road side; earn much; but they never pay any tax. They don’t issue any cash memo, thus no record of income. [/b] S[b]hould not be they taxed? What is the scene your place country? Do you file tax returns every year, do you file online?[/b] Please share your experience and comment on this. Thanks in advance. Prof.Dr. B.Saraf. PhD 25th May 2012. [i][/i]
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@dorannmwin (36393)
• United States
30 May 12
For us here, there is really a fine line on this one. When we are filling out our income taxes every year, there is a line that you are supposed to fill in any untaxed tips that you have received over the course of the year. I know that some people do this the way that they are supposed to, but I really suspect that the vast majority of people don't claim these earnings because they don't want to be taxed on it and have to pay taxes as opposed to getting a return. In addition to that, I know that people that don't claim everything are more likely to receive public assistance.
@jonairos (36)
• Australia
29 May 12
You can check this site for income tax information -
@cher913 (25782)
• Canada
25 May 12
we file our taxes online every year and it takes about a week til we get our income tax refund which is not bad. here in Canada, they seem to tax everything! Here where i live, we even have a plastic bag tax!
@judelen (428)
• Philippines
26 May 12
Hello! I love to discuss this kind of topic paying taxes. Yes, you know here in my country, in my experience only government employees or may be in the big private company who only seriously paying tax. Businessman here are mostly denying their income for tax. It's so sad to know that also those professional having also their private practice, also not seriously paying tax, they did not even issues official receipt to their client. Absolutely only government employees here are seriously paying taxes. So in comparison to your country i guess is just the same practice.
@phoenix8606 (4942)
25 May 12
hi there i am still too young to think about pension, but never heard that you have to do the tax return even if you are pensioner. Will have a look when I have a bit more time for it.
@SIMPLYD (90794)
• Philippines
25 May 12
Ha? Professor, here in our country , you don't pay tax for the pension. And to think that most retirees from private sectors have small amounts. Usually, the retirees would just spend it on their maintenance medicines.