waste time in office when nothing to do

June 29, 2012 3:53am CST
Sometimes, our schedule in our office is not like what we expect. The job for that day is done, but still plenty time we have before returning home. What do you do when office work is finished but still plenty of time before returning home?
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@hagmic22 (49)
• Israel
29 Jun 12
When I have free time in which I have to stay in the office, I open Mylot! It's a great way to pass the time and keep going with the gathering of the money. In fact, most of my participation at Mylot is done at my free time from the office. Other things I do at my free time in the office is surfing news websites. You can also play Windows ganes such as solitare :)
@Octav1 (1419)
• Romania
29 Jun 12
Oh, how I dream about moments like this. Look: now there is such a moment. I'm mylotting from the office. Sssst! Don't tell my boss about this! Yes. Mylotting is something I do when I have free time at the office. Of course, this doesn't happen often enough, but when it does, I like to spend some time online. How about you? How do you spend your free time at the office?
@laydee (12801)
• Philippines
29 Jun 12
Well, I think you should be thankful that is the case. In some offices, their work loads are so much that they no longer have time to eat! hehehe.. I think you should use that time to do MyLot or be productive instead of just gossiping with your other office friends. You wouldn't want to ask for more jobs or workloads from your boss, wouldn't you? hehehehe Keep it up! Have a great Mylot experience ahead!
@celticeagle (144983)
• Boise, Idaho
29 Jun 12
I would clean up my computer and make sure all my papers were in order. My last job was very complex and it was nice to actually have time to go back over all the paperwork and make sure I had it all done correctly. Also check my calls for the next day and prepare myself. Always something to do.
@rodnac (191)
• Australia
29 Jun 12
We could spend that time to use our computer for surfing or playing games or better yet spent some time here at mylot. In my case well i go here and spent some of my free time going to these discussions. If not then watching youtube or checking my facebook.