I am stag...:(

@ifa225 (11093)
July 2, 2012 6:16pm CST
I see my friend's life in facebook they all just a beginer who just like me five years ago in writing but now..they hadmade some books even those books is not a best seller in town and me..i can't even write a single book...actually i try to make it but i just stop and can't continue. I am lack of idea maybe i am not born to be a writer should i switch to another door? If you were me what kind of occupation would u switch other than a writer?
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@jazel_juan (15753)
• Philippines
2 Jul 12
Well, if you think you still lack in that field, try to learn more about it, i always believe that in writing you do not force it, it will just come naturally.. plus i have long stopped looking at my friend's achievements on facebook as i know i will never be like them, i am just doing my own thing. I also want to write, i even shared it to people here, but till now i have not done anything yet and i am not forcing myself, maybe someday i would be able to.
@ifa225 (11093)
• Indonesia
3 Jul 12
To see they gain the success sometimes makes me jealous with that feelings only make me grieving on my luck maybe i have to be more easier just like you just go on without pushing too hard
• India
10 Jul 12
On the other side, I think it may be time to consider your career path. Especially if you can't move as fast as possible or too slow job progress. But if you love writing, why not? You just need some practice, maybe learnign more how to create a good novel/writing. Actually, you can find fulfilling career just by uncover the activities that get you excited and bring you joy. Just do some research of what do u like most in life... hope it helps you, happy mylotting.... :)