Do babies remember being in the womb?

United States
July 9, 2012 3:54pm CST
I had my baby girl 3 months ago and i was wounding if babies remember being in the womb. I ready somewhere that they don't remember being in the womb but they do remember being born. I also read that while they are in the womb they think like an adult. Could i have some opinions on this subject?
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@Ldyjarhead (10233)
• United States
9 Jul 12
I don't think they remember in the true sense of the word, as in you and I remembering events. I'm sure that their senses react in some way to the things they experienced while in the womb, i.e., hearing things that mimic what they heard in the womb, and being wrapped tightly like they were in utero might be comforting to them.
• United States
10 Jul 12
Yeah, I was kinda confused about what i read to. If babies did do that they would be able to talk and everything when they were born. I wasnt sure about this. Thank you for your opinion!!
• India
1 Sep 12
welcome to mylot i had seen some videos on baby in the womb, they enjoy the space so much lol.
@emdjay23 (1575)
• Philippines
9 Jul 12
Nope, baby won't remember that he/she was in the womb.. there is a state called TABULARASA state in which babies are on a Blank Slate when they're born, that's why during the course of infancy, they get to learn different things such as Reflexes..
@Zhizho (1350)
• Indonesia
9 Jul 12
I don't think so. But yes, baby can hearing and learning since in the womb. Baby can dreaming like us when sleep. Maybe not remember but baby can recording what they listening. For example, you tell the baby story or reading her/him some book, so they can learning about words. They recording the words and it xan help them when they speak somedays. they will have good habit reading too and love book. I have heard about baby science that if we talk with baby in eight language since eight months in the womb until they eight months born, so they can speak with those language. It show how they can recording and learning in the womb.
@dorannmwin (36392)
• United States
9 Jul 12
I honestly don't think that babies consciously remember what went on when they were in the womb. However, I do think that babies do have unconscious memories from the time that they spent in the womb. The reason that I believe that this is the case is because of the fact that when a baby is born they are able to differentiate their mother and father from strangers. This is because of the fact that they could hear their parents voices before they were born.
@Dominique25 (9464)
• United States
9 Jul 12
I have heard that babies do remember being in the womb. That is why there are toys that have a heart beat since the baby has heard that sound throughout his/her time in the womb. I guess there are a lot of the things that a baby is able to learn while still being in the womb.