TV seasons

@keasling (723)
United States
July 29, 2012 4:54pm CST
I love the variety that netflix has to offer. Right now I am watching Desperate Housewives. I am also watching Wings as well. I love being able to watch from the very beginning and straight through. What do you like to watch the most?
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@mermaidivy (15395)
• United States
3 Oct 12
I like netflix too. Recently, we started watching The Shield. We have watched a lot of TV series and movies on it. We don't have a television at home so netflix is good that we can watch it on the computer both watch instant and DVD. I like it that we can watch it all at once, no need to wait every night or week for the episodes.
• Canada
4 Aug 12
I love the variety too, my favorite show to watch is Bones. I wish they had Friends or Seinfeld, I would really loving watch those two series from the beginning to end. Also my favorite about Netflix is that there is no commercials.
@celticeagle (163100)
• Boise, Idaho
29 Jul 12
I really enjoy having Netflix. Even with cable I have times when I can't sleep and having a couple movies helps alot. I also like to be able watch the beginning seasons of shows I find here and there on cable that I find I like. So I can catch up. Netflix usually has the shows I go looking for atleast 8 times of 10.
@brisk123 (2823)
• India
30 Jul 12
Hi..I have a Netflix account and it's worth it.I've gotten to watch entire seasons off all the shows I wanted to watch but never had the time for such as Grey's Anatomy, How I met your Mother, Ugly Betty, Lost, Ghost Whisperer, Desperate Housewives, etc..and right now, I am watching Law & Order : Special Victims Unit. I also love to watch old Korean dramas on Netflix. However, when it comes to movies, you don't get to watch new release movies that's my only disappointment!
• United States
1 Aug 12
I like weeds, the twilight zone, amazing stories, Alfred Hitchcock presents, emergency and the incredible hulk. I also love the fact we can watch series from when we were younger and catch the ones we missed. You cant do that ANYWHERE else. Hulu brags they have a lot but they had nothing I typed in, not one thing. They cant beat Netflix at all in my opinion. Do you have a Roku box? This little box streams right to your television. I do enough on the computer I don't want to watch television on there as well.
• China
30 Jul 12
Yes I love to watch the housewives,but in my mind,my favourite TV drama is Friends,I love Friends very much and on my side there are no TV comedy drama can over Friends,though it have end up about 8 years but I still watch it sometimes,I had download all the 10 seasons of Friends into my computer and I will rewatch it when I have time.