@Lukkyr (67)
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August 6, 2012 7:47pm CST
Have any of you seen the writing website HireWriters.com? Did you join? Are there any hidden costs? Have you written any articles about it? I'd like to know more about HireWriters.com. Can you tell us anything about it?
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7 Aug 12
I'd never heard of it until now. From a quick look, it's another iWriter trying to get into the market. There's a huge disparity between the "buy" and "sell" pages - the writers' page says you can earn $20 a pop for your work but the buyers' page says they can get long content from $4... sounds like intensive marketing to me. There's also a disturbing similarity between them and iWriter in the phrase "only pay for an article if you are totally satisfied with it" - iWriter is notorious for horrific rejection rates and how easy it is to scam writers there (since it's targetted almost exclusively at the client and not the writer). Without looking deeply at all, I'd say it's a pretty standard content mill. Crap pay for junk work - the pay's out the bottom end of things and the only advantage for the writer is the simplicity of finding work. That's without researching, of course, so I could be wrong.
7 Aug 12
Correction, long content is $4.65 - $4 is a long rewrite. Just for accuracy's sake. ;)
• Tucson, Arizona
7 Aug 12
I do both freelance sites and iwriter, plus I have regular clients. iwriter nets me about 1000.00 a month, and I've never had a problem there, actually. You just have to know who to write for-- and when people ask me, I tell them :-). I have picked up a lot of regular clients there. Granted, it's hard to start out anywhere, but at least it's better for new writers than the true content mills like EC and triond-- which will ruin your ability to get good jobs with the big guys, if you use your real name. If you write for the people with a high acceptance percentage and informative reviews, you don't have a problem-- the scammers leave very quickly anyway, as Admin does a sweep about twice a month. Most of the requesters with notorious rejection rates at iwriter aren't from the US, Australia or UK. The 2 rejections I have had (out of over 70 articles) were both non- English speakers. One didn't recognize his own keywords until I bolded them and sent it back-- the other said it was an excellent article but he "just didn't like it". Go figure LOL The freelance sites are turning into content mills now-- I only bother with Freelancer if someone hires me directly, at my rates. I got sick and tired of bidding a fair price for my work, and having all the keyboard slaves selling their work for bottom dollar. I also got tired of the endless hassle with people excepting bids and refusing to post a milestone, changing the terms of the bid, threatening to rate you in the basement if you didn't put up with their garbage-- not to profile, but I won't touch an offer there that's not from a first world nation. I have only gotten ripped off three times in the past year-- none over 30.00-- but all three were from freelancer. All three were technically my fault, because I decided not to insist on the entire payment for a milestone, which I usually do if the payment I receive is under 100.00-- but the ones who hired had a history there and good reviews. What I noticed after the fact was all the good reviews came from their respective countries.. As I write this, I have 14 special requests waiting for me at iwriter, all 10.00 articles, and 9 waiting from clients in my email box-- so I suppose I ought to get to work LOL. I was already looking at the site mentioned, and I plan to check with a few friends and see what I can find out. I'll keep everyone posted as I get information Have a good one! BTW-- where do you write, spike?
@sirnose (2436)
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7 Aug 12
I agree with what you state spike. There are a lot of these type Iwriter sites popping up all over the internet. Matter of fact I found 2 - 3 of these writing sites today. I don't knock these slave wage content mills because a beginner writer has to get their start from somewhere. I think that these types of writing sites are great for the beginner writer, they are not as intimidating as the freelance bidding sites.
@scheng1 (24650)
• Singapore
7 Aug 12
Hi Lukkyr, most sites do not require a membership fee to join. You can join, and see if you meet the writing requirement to earn big money. In most cases, you are likely to earn just one cent per word, as that is the standard market rate. Unless you are a very good writer who writes for top paying magazine, you are not likely to make a living from writing online.
30 Aug 12
I have seen many sites that pop up, another one is ezonlinewriter.com The first and site i have done any work for is textbroker.com
23 Dec 12
Thanks for all these tips. I am looking for jobs like these right now and I really feel like these will be beneficial for me to help me find writing jobs. I'm disabled at the moment, so every little bit helps.
@celticeagle (160064)
• Boise, Idaho
7 Aug 12
It says you can make up to $20 for each article and get bonuses for doing a good job. It also says that membership is 100% free. It looks about the same as other you will see online. I would sign up and see how it goes. Be sure to check what rights you have on your written work. ALways good to know. GOod luck!
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11 Mar 13
Hirewriters.com is a sham and a haven for scammers. I know because I get free articles there by just rejecting them no matter how good and publishing them first. Customer service always backs the clients and the owners are from Blackhatworld.com. The place is a joke.
• United States
4 Jun 13
I agree that hirewriters.com use to be a good writing source for thousands of people, but lately Clients have been complaining about the response services of Brandon. Look if you are going to hire someone for independent contracting article writing jobs, you need to consider your clients concerns. I think a article need to address some of those concerns and see how many people actually respond: Concerns such as: Ratings being destroyed due to technical errors Clients being fired from jobs, before work actually is submitted (hurts ratings and there is nothing that is done by it per Brandon) Not many assignments out there for skilled or expert writers, unless BRANDON issues them to you (makes you wonder as a writer) The list goes on and on... Have you ever noticed the ONLY tech support is someone named Brandon?? This too is highly questionable. Hirewriters.com need to get some kinks out of their system and listen to their clients/ independent workers before other companies such as FIverr.com, iwriter.com, etc picks up the slack for them. Oh...did I write Fiverr.com or iwriter.com?? Sorry, because if you take a look at them, and ask a question, someone named BRNADON answers you too. Look in to it for yourself. People should know about them and connect the pieces.
@else34 (13517)
• New Delhi, India
9 Aug 17
@Lukkyr No,this is the first time I have heard the name of the site.Let me check it first.