Miniature Trees

Bonsai - Bonsai is a will-known "miniature trees."
@iola2012 (172)
September 7, 2012 6:13am CST
I just want to share my passion to plants. I feel like a giant whenever I put this miniature trees inside my house. The plants bring me joy, it was like a fairy tale, a fairy living in the forest.
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@vandana7 (97207)
• India
7 Sep 12
Sweetie, I too love those plants, but when I learnt that periodically, plants are uprooted, and their roots are cut, I decided this is not what I want to do for my pleasure. I guess, I am unable to accept that plants do not hav elife and they do not feel pain. While I am ok with eating because we havent got much choice, I would hesitate to do that for my pleasure. Nevertheless, I will say those plants do look beautiful, and I will think of you no less if you use your knowledge and skills to make them more beautiful. In fact, you are better than me, because you are making others realize these plants are beautiful and therefore, they should not be cut down for timber or whatever.
@rog0322 (2829)
• Cagayan De Oro, Philippines
8 Sep 12
So, I have to cut the roots of those little big trees I grow on pots in the living room. No wonder they just grow too high for my standard in their early stage. I kept telling myself the pots would limit their roots, thus, their growth too. I should see to it, then.
@Janurmas (642)
• Indonesia
25 Mar 13
Wow! What a wonderful bonsai plant. It is a very cute miniature tree. I am relly interested in creating bonsai.
@pinklilly (3443)
• Australia
18 Feb 13
My Bonsai - This is a photo of my bonsai
I love bonsai. They are truly amazing, miniature trees. I have one in my kitchen, I've uploaded here with my comment. I've always been fascinated by them. I like miniature things, they are so cute. I would love to make a little bonsai forest outside. Maybe one day!
@myfb2009 (8296)
• Malaysia
11 Sep 12
Iola, bonsai is a very beautiful indoor plant which is quite expensive in my area here. Since i am not that expertise to shape it, i prefer not to have any of this plant in my home. I had seen in my best friend's home that she had planted a few bonsai plants. She told me that it is her father who have the interest to helped her to trimmed and shaped the bonsai weekly. By the way, you have how many bonsai plants in your home?
@asliah (11137)
• Philippines
10 Nov 12
hi, i love to have plant in the house and also to take care plants,and as of now i bought a money tree from Baguio when i went their this past few holidays,and i am happy and excited when that plants have flowers that bloom and become a small tiny fruit like grapes.
@roshigo58 (4859)
• Pune, India
13 Mar 13
Hi, we see big trees outside the house having fruits but we see Bonsai of big trees it is very surprising to look at them. They are very small in size but they have fruits. It looks like a picture in a book. Bonsai in your house is very beautiful.
@winterose (39887)
• Canada
8 Sep 12
I love trees as well, I have three big trees outside my window, two maple leaf trees and a spruce tree. I find looking out the window has a calming effect on me.
@roberten (3128)
• United States
8 Sep 12
I love mini trees too, especially orange trees; they are so cute! Mini pineapple plants are nice too. I can just imagine a host of mini trees inside a biosphere. I cannot put plants inside my home because I have a cat who loves to eat plants and dig in its soil.
@julyteen (13252)
• Davao, Philippines
8 Sep 12
Bonsai trees - Countesy of
I think you are talking about the small plants that can be place inside our house. That plants called "Bonsai". You will know more about this small tree on this link:
• India
9 Sep 12
Hello my friend iola2012 Ji, Well, My huby's hobby is gardening and he gets lot of peace only in his garden. May God bless You and have a great time
@much2say (53443)
• Los Angeles, California
7 Sep 12
Nice! My dad does bonsai . . . he's done it for years. My parent's whole backyard is filled with displays of bonsais . . . pretty impressive as some of them are very, very old. I feel like these were his kids - hee hee!
@toniganzon (72411)
• Philippines
8 Sep 12
Bonsai! I love them too. There are those that are really, really expensive! but they're really pretty.
@ARIES1973 (11466)
• Legaspi, Philippines
7 Sep 12
I'm glad to know that you have this kind of passion. When we are in our old place, I could grow some flowering plants because we had a wider area, but as of now, I could not do it anymore because of our place and my limited time.
@cattibre (160)
• United States
8 Sep 12
I love miniature trees. I have always wanted to get some of the miniature fruit trees. I know I could put them out in the summer and bring them in during the winter. do you have any of those? I would love to learn more about them, like how much fruit they really produce and if they taste the same as fruits from the regular trees.
@Lakota12 (42602)
• United States
7 Sep 12
I love plants but I have to do it outside as cant water what I plant inside
@jaiho2009 (39148)
• Philippines
7 Sep 12
Bonsai plants are really amazing and cute. I was able to grow one back in our hometown but never had the chance to grow one once more.
@SIMPLYD (90738)
• Philippines
7 Sep 12
I also love plants. Although, i must admit i don't have a green thumb. I haven't planted a plant that didn't wilt after a few days. SO i just content myself to seeing those plants. What a nice bonsai you have there. Did you buy it or did you grew by yourself?
• India
7 Sep 12
Yeah,i love greenery too.i have planted many plants on my terrace.i love nurturing them everyday.whenever i wants refreshment i go there.i have planted a lemon serves not only my purpose but also my neighboures.