Is mixed education better than schools for boys or girls only?

September 26, 2012 1:24pm CST
I started my education in a mixed infant school. Everyone did and it was enjoyable especially as my twin brother was in the same class with me. Junior school which followed was also mixed but by that time the playground had become segregated with girls playing with girls and boys playing with footballs. At the end of the Junior school we took an exam and were sent in various directions according to the results of the exam and our gender. Boys and girls were educated separately from then on - this was in the 1950 -60 period. So I grew up in a girls' only school after the 11 plus exam. If I had not had a brother I would have had very little contact with boys. I feel that this was not the best way to educate children, we did not know how to behave with boys and the boys did not know how to behave with us. What is your experience of modern education - do you like to be mixed or would you rather be in a single gender school?
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@bounce58 (17392)
• Canada
5 Oct 12
Although I wouldn't consider myself as socially-very-well-adept, I've had friends in university who came from exclusive boys schools who I felt were just socially awkward when their academic world turned into a mixed one. I was a member of a fraternity back then, and I've seen fraternity brothers that we had to coach at talking to girls.
• Philippines
27 Sep 12
I think mixed education is better than schools for boys and girls only, since when you are in mixed education you would have the chance to mingle and have the opportunity to study each behavior because of the gender..girls will always be girls and boys will always be boy, but the whole point is in mixed education everyone has given the right chance and equal chance to see who really is outstanding and who has that characteristics, by then those will help each children mold their characteristics and ability..
@GardenGerty (152283)
• United States
26 Sep 12
Our schools were always mixed. It does have advantages and disadvantages. Some people believe that girls in the middle range will tend to act dumb so they do not outshine boys or they get intimidated because boys learn differently than girls and are more aggressive. I can understand what you are saying, though if you never had contacts outside of school you would have been pretty lost as to how to relate.
• United States
27 Sep 12
I think there is more to school than textbooks. I think school is also about learning about life. It's hard to experience and learn about dating and issues among different sexes when in a unisex school and these are things everyone needs for life.