NCIS: LA, funny ending

@stealthy (8188)
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October 24, 2012 6:04pm CST
The last NCIS: LA had a bit of a political theme in that a worker for a senate campaign was murdered and the team was investigating it. Early on one of the newer members of the team was warned by the others not to engage Hetty in any political talk. Hetty is the very small woman in charge of the unit who everyone is afraid of and regularly demonstrates physical prowess far beyond her size in addition to always knowing what is going on somewhat like Gibbs on NCIS. So after they wrapped up the case and the murderer had been dispensed with, they showed Hetty with a very old small black and white TV watching the news that said the woman running for the senate in the campaign they had solved the murder in had pulled even in the polls with her incumbent opponent. Then it was announced that a presidential debate would start soon. Kensie was there and asked Hetty if she was going to watch the debate and she said probably not. After Kensie left it was heard on the TV that some CNN newsman was going to be the moderator. That was when Hetty placed a phone call and said I'm here and of course I'm ready; then she said now direct the first question to the President which implied that she would be controlling the debate and the questions. If you know the character Hetty, you would find this so fitting and yet very funny.
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@Fishmomma (11374)
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25 Oct 12
I like the character and thought it was funny. She really plays the role so well and my husband talked me into watching the show because of her. The show sure is doing well ratings wise now.