Is clixsense toolbar safe to install?

Clixsense toolbar - It is how it looks with my browser. Is it safe to use a toolbar?
November 5, 2012 9:37am CST
I recently installed a Clixsense toolbar and it seems to be good because I am a member of the website but then I thought it might access some secret information. I uninstalled it but even after doing so it was still in my browser(Google Chrome), so I re-installed the Google chrome also but still it is there. I am confused, is it some kind of virus or is it normal? Is it safe to use the Clixsense tool-bar? Share your experience.
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@marguicha (131284)
• Chile
5 Nov 12
I have it and there`s nothing wrong with it. I have a rooster tell me when there`s a new link to clcik. You have to have the volume on, of course. I use Firefox and I have not had any trouble there.
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• Mexico
5 Nov 12
So do I. The kids who come to my internet cafe- hear the rooster and say maria you have work to do so funny.
• Indonesia
5 Nov 12
I had install the clixsense toolbar for my chrome, but then I found my chrome run slower. so I decide to uninstall it
• United States
5 Nov 12
That is another reason I do not install all the toolbars that is going on. Like the Yahoo and others, I do not allow them to install either.
• Indonesia
13 Nov 12
yes, most of their toolbar make our browser run slower
@kiran8 (15323)
• Mangalore, India
8 Nov 12
Hi sanjay,that sounds scary, why cannot it be uninstalled? We should have the freedom to uninstall any program from our computer.I am sure that by now you would have found a solution to this problem,while browsing found this information on line, hope it is useful to you all the best
@trruk1 (1031)
• United States
6 Nov 12
I installed it more than a year ago. It does not create any problems that I have seen, nor does my antivirus software think it is a problem. I mostly use Firefox. Different browsers might react in a different manner.
@aireanna18 (1914)
• United States
6 Nov 12
Yes, ClixSense toolbar should be safe to install. Keep in mind no one can guarantee anything, but I can tell you in the past I downloaded and installed the toolbar with no issues. Just for precautions I would advise that you have a good antivirus software and spy bot search and destroy on your computer. There are free versions that you can download. I would just run both of these afterwards if you are really concerned about viruses, spyware, or malware. I can tell you ClixSense is a good and legit site, but we never know what hackers may have unleashed, so a prudent amount of caution is always good. If you regularly scan for viruses, spyware, and malware on your computer these programs or going to detect these little boogers before then turn into problems.
@2Lines (67)
• India
6 Nov 12
Toolbar of Clixsense/mybrowsercash can be little harmful for computer.I installed mybrowsercash and when I scanned my laptop,in threat detection I found mybrowsercash. After that I uninstalled mybrowsercash toolbar from my laptop. And I take a decision no again to install any toolbars of sites like it.So I can tell you it is better,if you do not install this toolbars.
@ARIES1973 (9532)
• Legaspi, Philippines
6 Nov 12
Hi sanjay! I can personally attest that this toolbar is a great thing to have. Sometimes, even my children are the one using my laptop, they would know that there is an available job for me. They are the one doing it if I don't have time. Have a nice day!
@airasheila (5456)
• Philippines
5 Nov 12
a pleasant day to you, with reference to your post, well, i am also a part of that site but i didn't install the toolbar. as everytime i am trying to install it, it is always postponed.