Have you ever rented a house or a room?

November 30, 2012 5:46am CST
Have you ever rented a house or a room? what's your demand and the cost for the renting? I ever rented a room which was one compartment of a big house. The house was equipped with washer, refrigerator, hot-water heater,and network. There was no air conditioner and kitchen utensil.So I bought an air conditioner and induction cooker by myself, which was placed in my rented room. Every month, I need pay 625 yuan to my landlady.If I rented a house, but not a room, maybe I need pay more money to the landlord. what's your experience of renting? what's your demand for the house or room, and the cost?
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@Porcospino (31387)
• Denmark
26 Feb 13
I have rented several apartments. My first apartment consisted of one room, a small kitchen and a bathroom. The apartment was quite small and it was in a bad neighbourhood. I didn't stay there for a long time. My second apartment was an apartment in Italy. I had my own room but I shared the living room, the kitchen and the bathroom with an Italian girl. I didn't have to bring my own furniture or kitchen utensils, everything was already there. The Italian girl became good friends and I was very happy to live there. The third apartment I rented was an apartment in the north of Denmark. I was a nursing student at that time and the apartment was close to the nursing school and it consisted of one room, a small corridor, a kitchen and a tiny bathroom. I had some problems with the landlord who tried to cheat me and the other tenants but aside from that I was happy to live there. The next two apartments were in a different town and I shared them with my ex-boyfriend. There was no refrigerator so we had to buy our own. The floors were extremly old and ugly so we also had to buy a carpet. When my ex-boyfriend and I broke up I got an apartment in the city where I was born. It was a private landlond and there were only 4 apartments in the house. The landlord was totally honest and reliable and there were never any problems with the deposit or other things. He is the best landlord I have ever had. The last place that I rented was a small house. My husband and I lived there together. It was in a village in the countryside and the surroundings were very peaceful, but I sometimes missed living in a larger town.
@spuliven (68)
• India
30 Nov 12
I just shifted to new apartment.. With three bed room.. A bit big however I can use it for commercial works for my new web hosting organisation.
@911Ricki (13588)
• Canada
30 Nov 12
Usually they go by the cost for that area at the tinme. In college we rented rooms and houses with roomates. They were roughly the same cost maybe $50 off. It included everything as utilities go, was furnished in the main rooms but not in the bedrooms or the kitchens.