Empower Network 2

United States
December 7, 2012 12:54pm CST
This site was started by 2 homeless guys. They and lots of others are making good money each week! This site is definitely NOT A SCAM! Yet, you have lots of people who have their minds made about about sites when they have not even looked into something that someone writes about or something they have seen online! I have not found any complaints on this site. Sites that are scams usually are not around for very long. There are lots of sites that are still around because of one reason! People make money. Those who do scam people have to come up with new sites, and usually with phony names because people do make complaints and use the persons name(s) when making complaints on sites that have scammed people! This site, The 2 men who came up with this are on the new issue of Home Business Connection and have an article. So, I highly doubt that this site is a scam. Especially when you need, but it is not needed, to have a site to make money. You get paid weekly and you can do this anywhere in the world. It is worth it to me do this site. I would recommend it to anyone who has a business and wants to get the word out. Even to those who don't have their own business.
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• Portugal
12 Mar 13
How much did you earn there? give me a true answer. I have my doubts about it.
• United States
13 Mar 13
You're not going to find any complaints about it. Did you not bother to read their terms of service before you joined? They have a clause in there under Confidentiality that says that you can't make any derogatory statements about them. You agree that you will not make any derogatory statements, either oral or written, or otherwise disparage us, our products, employees, services, work or employment, and will take all reasonable steps to prevent others from making derogatory or disparaging statements. You agree that it would be impossible, impractical, or extremely difficult to fix the actual damages suffered by reason of a breach of this paragraph, and accordingly hereby agree that Company may determine recover five thousand dollars ($5,000) as the amount of damages sustained by reason of each such breach, without prejudice to Company's right to also seek injunctive or other equitable relief. I have no idea how enforceable that clause would actually be, but the fact that they have even included it at all is highly suspect.
@joliefille (3690)
• Philippines
3 Feb 13
I searched specifically for Empower Network in the search field here on myLot. I was surprised to find only one. Even more shocked that the only discussion did not have any response yet and it was two months back. But then I thought anyone who would be making money in EN would not bother accumulating cents here anymore. Sadly I still do not really get the gist of the EN and how it makes money. I know blogging for sure and they use Wordpress platform for their blogging site. So then it's their products so basically still affiliate marketing. It seems like to get started a huge amount of money is involved.