Is fasting Good For us Or No?

@shante2 (338)
United States
January 9, 2013 3:31pm CST
I Thinking about going on a one day fast, for those that don't know what that is that's when you fast and you go without food for a day or however long, but you can drink water all day or juice all day or for however long you are going to do the fast. I think that fasting can be beneficial, because it's said to be good for the body in cleansing it, and riding of toxins. WHat do yall think, do yall think fasting does more good then harm?
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@jambi462 (4576)
• United States
9 Jan 13
I definitely think that fasting is good for you as well as detoxing because we all consume some bad things throughout our daily lives. Whether it be from processed foods, pollution in the air, pollution in the water or perhaps we have toxic feelings from work related stress and similar issues. Fasting allows our body the chance to work at removing some of the built up waste that we aren't able to get all out because our body is constantly working on digesting. I asked my ayurvedic doctor about it a while back and asked him whether it would be a good idea for me. He said that because I'm so skinny it's not really necessary and that its more important for me to nourish myself than worry about toxins. Also you can eat fruits and vegetables while detoxing. Fasting is still something that I like to do from time to time and its so interesting that I'm going to try and learn more about it.
• Valdosta, Georgia
9 Jan 13
I think for most healthy people there is nothing wrong with it. For me I cannot do it. If I don't eat I have seizures, so I have never been able to fast even when I was younger with my youth group when they did it. I wanted to do it with all of them but I couldn't. I didn't want to end up back in the hospital...
@doroffee (4223)
• Hungary
9 Jan 13
I think the body needs nutrition to function properly... maybe once in a while it's not bad but doing this excessively and regularly I think is going to cause harm.