Someone dial the wrong number!

@shante2 (338)
United States
January 9, 2013 4:24pm CST
Hey Yall so have you ever experience a call from someone that dial your number by mistake, this has happen to me plenty of times but this time has got to be the worst and the funniest. This older lady called my phone asking for charles, I said i'm afraid you dial the wrong number, then she says sorry oh i'm so sorry, then hung up dial again about 12 more times, that day, I kept having to say mamm you dial the wrong number charles doesn't live here, then one time she gone tell me and yell at me saying charles he does live here if so why would he give me this number, mind you she's a older lady so I'm trying to be respectful, I said mamm I have no idea why he may have gave you the wrong number but if you could repeat the number to me I can tell you if that is the number that you are dialing, so you turns around and says the world with me and hangs up and dials again five mintues later asking for charles, I think maybe you has just lost it lol I don't know what's wrong but I sure hope she finds charles cause he sure isn't over here.
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• India
1 Apr 13
Hi friend, sad to hear about this incident. I think the old lady is having some important matter to convey him, so only she called for Charles a lot of time. I wonder why Charles gave the wrong number to her? Surely this kind of continuous wrong call from the same person will irritate us a lot, you did a great job by giving respect to the old lady, it shows you are very generous.
• India
8 Feb 13
Welcome to mylot and thanks for sharing All those have cell phone or land line phone have faced this, but many callers are bit notorious they try to talk to you unnecessary things, i simply say, 'wrong number, sorry ' and shut down lol.
• Philippines
10 Jan 13
Wow, that old lady is so eager to talk to that "Charles." She's causing you headaches. LOL. You are so patient though in answering her phone calls. I hope she will stop calling your number because she's just wasting her time calling the wrong number. LOL. Fortunately, that hasn't happened to me yet. Maybe, I'll run out of patience. :)
@surekharathi (14143)
• India
23 Jan 13
Yes I have experience of this not only once but many times I received wrong number and the someone talk in marathi and ask the name of male person I say this is wrong number. Once a lady was talking then I say this is wrong number she was asking me who are you? I asked her first say who are you? because you are calling me then she end the call. Some time I take in funny way but some time when busy feel irritated if received wrong number.
@Qsunny (10)
• Hong Kong
10 Jan 13
oh how insistent the old woman. how poor guy! she must be long time to lose the contect with her Chales. as to me, sometimes when i change a new number, such situation would happen frequently.i think the reason is that my new num did belong to sb. who abandoned it already. therefore his or her friends usually call this old num to find him or her but did not know their friend had chaged the num. what is funny that with the times of miscall increasing i can ever know some indormation about the guy who used to have the num.haha
• India
23 Jan 13
Hi friend, i too get some wrong calls, but never get this kind of continuous calls on the same day, surely it will irritate us a lot. I think you have a lot of patience, so only you gave respect to this continuous caller and replied to her call in a good way. Hope she found out that charles..
@Blondie2222 (28732)
• United States
10 Jan 13
I've had stuff like that happen to me too. When we had are home phone we would get alot of phone calls for people thinking someone else lives here when they don't. I don't miss having a home phone though. We get weird phone calls like that at my job as well. I hope the lady was able to get a hold of this charles person.
@tshihmin2 (186)
• Malaysia
10 Jan 13
I also got received wrong number call from my handphone. It happens to me so many times. The call mostly from local, some from other states, and one or two from overseas. I think to myself, can't be those out of many people can dial the wrong number, or could it be the handphone service provider got technical problem? This wrong-number-call problem, I've been figuring it out until now, and still can't know what's the problem.
@Wendi81 (603)
• Indonesia
9 Jan 13
Well, i had that experience too. I often got someone who called me in my home phone and in my cellphone, i've got twice. In my home phone, someone called me and asked me to deliver several eggs to her store. I answered, i don't sell eggs cos i haven't chicken cattle. Then my phone rang again on a half hour. When i pickedup the phone, i knew she called again. Now, she asked me to deliver the eggs immediately cos the eggs on her store were empty. With hold angry, i answered that i don't sell eggs. Then she said appologize to me and cut off the phone. On other time, my cellphone rang. I see there was a strange number cos i don't know who is this but i answered that. I heard a man said about his girlfriend and her name is Linda. I answered that he called wrong number cos i am a man too. So he appologize to me. Then 10 minutes later, he called again and asked when he can meet me. I thought he still believe if i am is Linda. With angry, i answered that he was wrong and i shutdown myphone. I am confuse why he thought i am is his girlfriend?
• India
10 Jan 13
yes sometimes it happens to me. and i need to check any number before dialing because if i dial wring number, other person get irritate and use slung language which i don't like. So beware before dialing any number my friends.