Where'd it go?

United States
January 25, 2013 6:33am CST
So, it's been quite a while since I've logged in to mylot, and the $7+ I remember having is gone. How long do you have to be gone for them to take it, and is there any way to get it back? Plus, now you have to click through all these ads when you log in just to get to the home page-- how annoying. Wondering if it's even worth doing anymore. Thoughts?
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@jenny1015 (13366)
• Philippines
25 Jan 13
You should log in to your account every now and then. Actually, if you failed to log in for 90 days, all your earnings will be forfeited. That also happened to me. But I have become active ever since I came back. Sadly, there is no way to have the lost earning back. You just have to be active here to earn again.
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• United States
25 Jan 13
Bummer. Not sure I have the time to be a serious earner, but it may be fun to check in from time to time anyway. Thanks!
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@ryanong (9665)
• Vietnam
26 Jan 13
yeah, before i went to Korea, Fashion told me about it then sometime i just connect to mylot even though i didn't post any discussions or topics. I don't want my earning is forfeited as the last time. Plus, right now i like to read discussions from mylotters when i have time, it is very nice..
@tash01 (2030)
• Jamaica
30 Jan 13
your earnings will be fortified if you haven't logged in mylot since 90 days.you have to log in even once per month,sometimes i log in but doesn't even comment.I just log in an log out.No you won't get it back,you will have to participate and start earn again. Good luck
@rosekiss (30380)
• Eugene, Oregon
25 Jan 13
Ir is like the others have said that you ned to log in within 90 days to avoid your earnings being forfeited. really though, I wouldn't worry abou them thoug, as mylot is more for discussing and having fun, than earning. You can make them back anyway, as long as yu are active and participate in the discussions. I have never had that happen to me as I am active now, but I wasn't for a litle bit, but I did log in once in awhile to post or just read discussions. what we earn here is so minimal anyway, so just enjoy yourself in here and have fun. Take care!
• India
26 Jan 13
Thanks for this discussion. I think you were inactive for more than 3 months, hence your earning is gone, you need to be active here if you really want to earn, if you are not here for money, still than please log in once a week lol.
@vivek19 (218)
• India
26 Jan 13
If you have been annoyed by the adads that you get during logging in than you can bookmark the homepage and keep yourself signed up. Also you should keep yourself signing in on a regular basis to keep track of your earnings. Hope that will help.