@pro_ojha (600)
March 15, 2013 10:17am CST
Hello Friends Can any one tell me what is the different between. Toilet bar ( shop ) and bath bar. Please tell me in detail , what kind of bath shop we should use .
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• Canada
15 Mar 13
This is new to me, I would think that toilet bar probably sells toilets and bath bar would be where to buy soaps etc.
@pro_ojha (600)
• India
16 Mar 13
Recently i notice that on some of soaps , toilet soap written and on some of bath soap . Even both kind of soap is used for bath . I am not understand why written so ???
@rona07 (1641)
• Philippines
10 Apr 16
I am confuse as to what you mean.. Is your question about a certian soap? Or the bar use to help old people not to slip on the bathroom.. I mean i think a toilet bar is a bar you put at the toilet near the toilet bowl for the old to hold into and bath bars are to be put near your bath tub for them to hold them steady and help them up... If this is about soap, then im not sure what is a toilet bar.. Maybe a bar soap use in cleaning your toilet , lol i am just guessing and bathbar are for your shower and stuff.... Idk tho.. ??
@MoonGypsy (4606)
• United States
15 Mar 13
we use the natural soaps from the whole foods store. we use the kind with oatmeal in it. it's better for the skin. if you put good things inside of your body, you should put good things outside of it as well.
@celticeagle (160283)
• Boise, Idaho
16 Mar 13
The toilet bars are grab bars on either side of the toilet to help older people get up. Bath bars are soap you use in the bath. You can get the bath bars at the grocery and the toilet bars from a hardware store.