Why the poor people intend to kill their children only because of their debts?

By sri
@gamyam (530)
Hyderabad, India
March 26, 2013 4:19am CST
I saw some unwanted news items on a local channel here explaining the poverty of poor people residing in urban as well as rural area. It is the matter of a family having heavy debts to some local financier. If the financier forces for re-payment, the poor people is instantly going to commit suicide and ruins their entire family by killing innocent children. Why the poor themselves kills them and their belongings only because of their debts...?
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• Philippines
26 Mar 13
It is more of a depression. People are caught in hopelessness and can't get away from it. This is an alarming situation in some countries. Governments should start being more aggressive in addressing poverty.
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@camomile07 (1420)
• Germany
30 Mar 13
That's something I never understood neither. I cannot imagine to do that because of debts.
@wolfie34 (26771)
• United Kingdom
27 Mar 13
That is so sad, it can be a cruel world at times my friend, when parents have to resort in killing their children, seems these people are forgotten about, or no one seems to care about their plight.
• India
26 Mar 13
It is because of the poor education. The people could not understand the value of the life. Value of the family. I am a person having 2 kids and my wife. I struggling too much for last 5 to 7 years due to some wrong planning and financial crunches. My situation is vulgar. I have getting harazed by the bank people. I have been ashamed in the society, work place. But I never thought to finish my life or my family. I read from the bible (I am a hindu, brahmin) that WHAT EVER THINGS ARE HAPPENING IN OUR LIFE WHICH IS FOR GOOD. Still I am living. Difficulties are there. Family life has spoiled. I could not give a good quality education to my kids. Other people are telling that if they are in my place then they may have finished. I just laugh and pray to the GOD to save them. Have a nice day.
@doroffee (4222)
• Hungary
26 Mar 13
I think those people got insane because of their financial situation - they either think their mission is to save their children from a poor life, or they think they would have less expenses without the kids... or just kill them without thinking, because they are that mentally insane. And I pity them, because... you know, I don't think you have had debt anytime in your life. I know people who have. It's a really bad feeling, it's not "just" debt. It is a heartwrenching feeling if you don't know whether you could afford all the things your kid needs... and any hardships in life can be trauma for people, enough to become insane. But, of course, I think, the best thing would be to teach people not to have huge loans and have savings.
@911Ricki (13588)
• Canada
26 Mar 13
I think this is every where, and people are not taught and made to pay back their debts, so they take the easy way out. In the end their family is left wiht the debts.
@ajithlal (14716)
• India
26 Mar 13
I like babies very much. So I didn't like to kill children any of their family or other problems. In my own opinion, this is a big crime .
@vandana7 (98775)
• India
26 Mar 13
I have already mentioned the reasons in Abhi's box. Killing a child is wrong. However, ensuring that the child is not born is not wrong. Problem is, population control is such a bad concept in rural areas. Under normal situations, it makes better sense to have more children. True...work the economics for poor people, who dont send or spend on children's education, and other medical facilities, etc. The more number of children they have, the better their future will be. This is because their expense will get divided amongst so many children and so nobody would find them difficult to maintain. More children helping means they can earn better also. They dont bother about child labor stuff. They dont know what it means. All they see a child as is, future meal ticket. But when the going gets tough, and it could also be because they get cheated because of their lack of education or gullibility, the same rosy scenario turns ugly.
@Jotomy (6322)
• India
26 Mar 13
Hi gamyam, they are poor, knowing they are poor still they want to fulfill their daily needs atleast two times food for their children they may not have much money for it too so they go for funds. They unable to pay their debts in time, due to this frustration, depression and how they are going to live further and the debtors may be forcing them to pay the debits. Here we must observe government is giving subsidies to the poor people and the children can go the government schools, can get daily payments through some work. Apart from all these facilities poor people what i observed is they go for drinking which is not necessary at all, instead of spending for drinking liquor they can repay their debts daily with that small amounts. Whoever may be rich or poor if they go beyond their earnings these things may happens. But i can tell you there is no authority to the parents to kill their children for any sake, they may have rights to give birth but not to kill. This is a sin and unbearable mistake.
@zaugis (81)
• Lithuania
26 Mar 13
They just feel unwanted. How should him be, if him cuts morally debt? Robots and various innovations in industry, manufacturing, social services, everywhere, did not facilitate human life which do not have this robot shares. Which is a simple working man, he became unnecessary garbage. This is how i think; all "shareholders" watching them and for me and you.. thought of as garbage - more precisely, not thinking anything. How will retain his nerves? Sorry... Came anarchy everywhere - every man for himself?? We are not able to share!?
@ShyBear88 (59279)
• Sterling, Virginia
26 Mar 13
That's just crazy. Me and my husband are poor and I don't ever think about hurting myself or my children. I love them to much to take there little lives away. It's not ere duals we are poor it's just what life gave us and we live with it.
@yume11 (183)
• Romania
26 Mar 13
Poor people have a changed psyhology. Because they have economical problems, they begin to have emotional problems too, and they'll begin to feel unsafe. The safety it's one of the necesities which it's need by any human. Because they feel unsafe they begin to make uncontrollable acts, which before they wouldn't even think about them. In my oppionion:Their psyhology it's very sensitive, and because they're concetrated on economical factors, they begin to save every penny, every bit of food/water/electricity/etc.. And when it's comes to a kid, well...children needs many things[more food/school suppplies, energy to make them warm/water/etc.], so, poor people , locked in their ''save every penny'' thing, they'll see kids as a way of wasting many things and so...they'll think about killing them to save more things for their own life... It's sad, but that's the human cruel truth. Every human, in the end, thinks about he/she's own safe, life, destiny...
@danix1982 (593)
• Philippines
26 Mar 13
this is a total depression for every family who cannot survive their daily lives, because of poverty many of them specially children who are suffering for the life that they don't deserved. it only means before you will build a family you should think first what kind of life that you can give to them.