How can we capture carbon from atmostphere

April 1, 2013 4:13am CST
Lots of pollutants being emitted on the earth by vehicles and industries and other electronic equipment have raised a concern about global warming. It is necessary to take steps so that the future of earth do not get into trouble. There has to be some device which can capture the emissions from the atmosphere. The question is "is there any such device"?
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@veganbliss (3900)
• Adelaide, Australia
16 Apr 13
Welcome to MyLot. There have been many studies done recently on the industries producing these products you mention. These very industries also release sufficient coolants into the atmosphere to completely offset the heat trapped by carbon dioxide. The conclusion is that stopping these industries or reducing their output will do absolutely nothing towards helping with global warming. Global warming at this abnormal level, it has been concluded time & time again by the world's best authorities on the subject, is caused not by carbon dioxide, but by the by-products of the livestock industry - all those industries that murder animals for our consumption for profit - namely methane, nitrous oxides, ammonia & others which I have detailed & explained in many other posts in MyLot. Our emissions over & above what nature can regulate should not be captured with a device & stored (where? In the earth? Under the ocean? This won't fix the problem, just bury it). It is our self-destructive, others-destructive, planet-destructive way of life that must be changed. And when this is done, the world-wide effect will happen very quickly. It is already known that should we all switch to a vegan diet, the earth will be paradise in under 60 days like you could never believe.
@owlwings (41891)
• Cambridge, England
1 Apr 13
Yes there is a very simple and natural device. Plants. Plants take in carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and use the carbon as part of their synthesis of sugars, starches and other carbohydrates. The excess oxygen is exhaled into the atmosphere.