no meat during holy week

@asliah (11137)
April 2, 2013 6:18am CST
do you still believe in this and why?because many people in my country still believe in this kind of Filipino belief,no meat during holy week so people especially in province never sell any pork and meat in the market and the price of chicken and fish also increased,but in the city only some people who still believe in this unlike in the province.
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@williamjisir (22820)
• China
30 Apr 13
I did not know that you have such a belief. It is similar to our Buddism belief. On a certain day, Buddists do not eat pork or meat to show their sincere belief to their God. Thanks for the discussion.
@urbandekay (18278)
10 Apr 13
I don't eat meat but practice partial fasting for lent all the best, urban
@marguicha (205690)
• Chile
2 Apr 13
In my country it is customary not to eat meat during Holy week. Thus, the price of fish almost duplicated. when I invited my niece for dinner last Friday, I had to ask her how did she do it. Many people here observe the no met rule, but they don`t understand that the idea behind it is not ti give way to bdy satisfaction.
@veganbliss (3895)
• Adelaide, Australia
8 Apr 13
This is a good rule to follow with direct & immediate benefits for those who follow it. It's not just a Filipino belief - it's largely Catholic & may be observed the world over. We are told time & time again throughout scripture not to eat the stuff at all! This of course is in direct conflict with both the Jewish & Christian priesthoods. I can show people some examples straight from our own Bibles if people wish. There are many other works that show an even greater abundance & an even stronger tone & wording too.
@danix1982 (593)
• Philippines
3 Apr 13
Many things will be said about this week, Holy Week, that pertains to personal piety or ethnic traditions. They are all good for the individual but are not required. We should maintain our Lenten sacrifices until Thursday evening, when Lent ends and the Sacred Triduum (Three Days) begin. These three days should retain a lenten character with the required abstience from meat and a day of fast on Good Friday.
• India
2 Apr 13
yes its quite common in my country too. People over here do quit taking meat on some holy days. They even observe fast on some of the days. I have seen this in different parts of my country wherevr i have gone..
• United States
2 Apr 13
I used to follow that but mostly because I thought it was a rule to be followed. The underlying issue, taking away something as a sacrifice made more sense to me although the real "sacrifice" for our sins was made so long ago. One year I became so worried when I accidentally bit into a bologna sandwich on a Friday in Lent and I wondered if I should worry about being struck down by lightning. It was at this point that I considered meatless Fridays or whole weeks may not be for me, but other sacrifices to show my recognition for all of the grace I have received may be more appropriate. Thanks for the discussion, it brought back some old memories... enjoy the day...