Do you have it easier or harder than your parents had life?

United States
April 2, 2013 6:45am CST
In the US, we talk a lot about making life easier/better for the next generation. This got me thinking what we think now around the world. Is life harder than before and in my next question, will it be easier for the people who follow us? Your thoughts?
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@tehpau (340)
• Malaysia
2 Apr 13
We may grow up with a more comfortable life compared to our parents with more opportunities and material stuff. However, is this really true our lives are better? It is so NOT TRUE. I am already feeling it. At 30 years old, my parents (earning less than what I am getting today), can afford to buy 2 cars, a house and have 3 kids, at the same time they supported their own parents. Today, how many of us can have all this? So many people can't afford to support their own parents. Most of us cannot own a house. Prices have gone up so much for everything, our salaries can never catch up with the weak currency and inflation.
• United States
2 Apr 13
Thank you for your thoughtful response - it is a tough question.
@Frederick42 (2024)
• Canada
28 Apr 13
In my case, I must say that I have had it easier than my parents. My parents had to struggle a lot. In my case, I have had it easy because my parents made it easy for me. Therefore, I need to be grateful for my parents. However, I feel that the next generation will have it harder than ourselves. What with water shortage and high rise of prices and all that, I do not feel that our children will have it easy.
@subhojit10 (7375)
• India
2 Apr 13
Yes our lives are more easier and comfortable if we compare it with our previous times. i have heard my parents saying how they have struggled during their times as they had no facilities or exposure like the ones we are getting now. It is pretty obvious to hear him say that and the coming generation will also enjoy lives more than us.