How do YOU celebrate in a wedding or reception?

United States
April 6, 2013 2:28pm CST
What customs or things do you do in a wedding or celebration afterwards? As I am helping a friend get ready to celebrate a wedding, it strikes me that different cultures or even regions have special ways to celebrate this event. Do you dance to the Hokey Pokey? (It IS what its all about, you know). Do you throw salt or have a special dance? Your thoughts?
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@zurichann (235)
• Philippines
21 Apr 13
In our country, there are lots of different practices in celebrating both reception and wedding. This is not just by culture or tradition, sometimes religion can also be a factor. The major religion we have here, which is catholic practices the traditional wedding where the groom will be waiting for the bride. But some other religion (like the one I know of) is different. The girl will be walking first on the aisle and will be seated waiting for the groom. Unfortunately, this is my mom's religion and so is mine so I'm really thinking hard wether I will be having my wedding on my religion or on my boyfriend's religion who happens to be a catholic.
@marguicha (205251)
• Chile
6 Apr 13
In my country there are many kinds of wedding celebrations depending on whether the people are religious or not, depending on what Church they belong to and also depending on the money spent. WE used to throw rice for fertility, but it is outdated. As for dances, there`s a first dance, a waltz, that the bride dances with her groom and then with her father. The rest depends. My daughters did not have a religious wedding, so we had a civilk ceremony at home and then a part later on.
@MoonGypsy (4606)
• United States
6 Apr 13
in a tradition reception over here, you have the bride and groom dinner with the best man giving some type of speech about the couple. i think important people in their lives can make a speech too. then you have the bride and groom dance after a while. you also have the tradition cake cutting. last but not least, you have the bride tossing the bouquet. then, after every mixes, mingles, and get drunk. the bride and groom run off in wedding bliss.
@dagami (1158)
• Rome, Italy
6 Apr 13
in the philippines, there was a time that the bride and groom danced and the guests would pin bank notes on their clothes. those who were relatives and friends of the bride would pin their money on the groom and vice versa. this was a very common practice before. nowadays it is seldom done. those who want to give cash gifts just put the money in an envelope and hand it over to the newlyweds.