why do people tend to forget you when they are rich

April 6, 2013 10:57pm CST
most people if not all want to become rich.they even use other people to their advantage just to get what they want.if they need something from you they do good things for you, but if they got what they want they even forget to thank you.these are the people that dont even deserve help.they dont know gratitude.so why help?
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• Philippines
8 Apr 13
hi arrianet, just to be fair , i once become penniless when my husvand got sick, exchaust our living when he passed away, leaving with me my four precious kids the youngest 5yrs old that time.. people i help before didnt recognized me, it's double mourning since i' felt alone and lonely.. i'm not a kind of person who express feelings of miserables to my parents dont want them to be in misery... so with Gods guidance i strive , earn a descent living fir my kids sake...whatever i have , we budgetbut still im giving a small portion to my parents.. pain and sufferings and judgemental people are around me... Now after 14 yrs of sacrifices i survived with my kids.. people who dont know me were so good to me, recogniZed me ask help from me... which even though what they did to me before i help them.. butsomewere coming back alwYs... i try to love people who dontlove me before , but abusive ones , i tried tto evade them if i could.. im not rich. God bless me a little a i can share but not to users .. thats why now i realized what they said rich changes because of money.. i think its not that, as i said im not rich but i share because i experience being soooo miserable, veing scrutinized abandoned .. rich change because their were abusivepeople, users who will suck your money , when it was exchaust they will leAve you and will not remember you because you have nothing again.... it's painful but a reality... so better stay away with doubleface people, be with your real friends who stick with you for better or worst..thanks God i still have them in my life. God bless us.
@babyEj (1522)
• Philippines
10 Apr 13
We can't expect all people around us to be pampering because sometimes they are the one pressing you down. But with faith and motivation , those would just be small stones to step and put it aside. What you did was the right one. Continue to live happily by loving and inspiring your unfriendly surrounding.
@Frederick42 (2024)
• Canada
28 Apr 13
When you are poor, it is easy to remember your friends. Moreover, poor people need friendship. But when you become rich, then the car becomes your friend, the posh restaurants and fancy cloth stores and large shopping malls become your friends. A rich man feels that he does not need other people’s friendship. Even if he wants friends, he wants rich friends. The rich look down upon the poor. They have always done it and they will always continue to do so.
@sissy15 (11037)
• United States
7 Apr 13
Well for the rich people part. Money usually equals greed. Sure, I would love to be rich, but not at the expense of my morals. I think though that the people that treat others that way never had any real morals to begin with. The people that step on others along the way often are the type of people who later in life realize they are very lonely, because they managed to alienate others along the way. If you want to get rich you do it the right way, by working hard and not taking advantage of people along the way and then forgetting about them once you got what you want. There are some truly humble rich people, and that's what others should aspire to. Work hard and treat people with decency. The goal is to treat others with kindness, and if they take advantage of that just don't help them again. You just can't set everyone to the same standards just because a few people took advantage doesn't mean everyone will, but you also have to trust your instincts when it comes to people, only help those you truly feel wont run over you. I don't think anyone should be naive and help every single person that asks for help. I think you should trust your judgement. I do my best to help those I can, but I also wont let anyone run me over.
@goldeneagle (6745)
• United States
7 Apr 13
I have some so-called friends and relatives who are like this. As long as I can do something for them, the call me all the time,but I will go months at the time without seeing or hearing from them once they get what they want...
• India
7 Apr 13
Welcome to mylot, thanks for this discussion,money has great power my friend, but remember it can never buy every thing, one can buy house, not home, one can buy a man/woman but not husband/wife, it can't buy peace. many persons forget to recognize even parents when rich.