Can Ex gf/bf's be friends after a breakup?Is it healthy for your next relation?

April 19, 2013 12:58am CST
i have seen alot of people linger around their past relationships.They dont get over their old relations in the name of friendship and ruin the next relationship also with all the mixed feelings they have. Is it required to be friends with your Ex? do the feelings ever fade? Is it justice to your new relationship?
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@Frederick42 (2024)
• Canada
20 Apr 13
I do not feel one can be friends with ex-partners. If we have broken up with our partners, then it is best to forget that person and start life afresh. Nowadays, many are confused. People madly fall in love and break-up as madly as they fell in love. And of course, they also have mixed feelings. Perhaps, we need to relax, sit on a chair in a cool manner and think about it. Whenwe are cool about whatever is happening, then we stop making hasty decisions and we stop having unnecessary mixed feelings.
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@pumpkinjam (8549)
• United Kingdom
25 Aug 15
I remained friends with some ex-partners but not all. I think it depends on the relationship you had, why you broke up. You might have been part of the same group of friends and so stay friends so that you don't lose other friends. Then, of course, if you have children with an ex it is helpful for the sake of the child if you are able to stay friends. I stayed friends with a couple of ex-boyfriends because we were friends first then being more than friends just didn't work out. As I said, it really depends on circumstances but it is possible, and healthy in some situations, to stay friends after a break-up while sometimes it's not.
@artemeis (4194)
• China
19 Apr 13
I believe that this is a trust issue where we have to ask ourselves if we can take our other half's words that whatever is between them is over as far as being serious or intimate even, is concern. I know it can be a paranoid but I feel that it will be our partners' actions that will speak for themselves and reassuring us. There's no point if we cannot even accept their words at face value, so both sides will need to work on the issue together where the receiving party will need to trust and revealing party to assure with their actions.
@Deepak2J (1178)
• India
19 Apr 13
I hope I would never have an ex