@RAJASB (109)
April 27, 2013 7:06am CST
We all have gone through History lessons in our school and you really get inspired by the people in the history and make some one as your hero, role model for some time or forever. We get to know about out culture, traditions and values through history, but, no one remembers the historians who spends all their life in collecting the facts and information and bring it to us. Hats off to the historians.
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• Philippines
27 Apr 13
It happened because on every pages what is emphasize is the story of the place, people and even not the name of the author as for me the historian that was implanted on my mind was Gregorio F. Zaide.
• Kochi, India
27 Apr 13
Sadly history is all wrong.Some very bad people become good and some good people become bad,because these historians were biased.We can't even trust our present,because much of it is kept hidden from us.