Is so hard to enjoy life in this days.I'm right?

April 28, 2013 10:14am CST
All the people is running after money and power. We become a huge jungle and we forgot to love to party and to live our lifes.
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@aabuda (1722)
• Philippines
29 Apr 13
I think I have to admit that I am guilty about it. I am too is not fully enjoying what life has to offer. I am so busy looking for money that I am already forgotten to have recreational activities with my family and even to myself. I just wonder when will be the time that I am gonna have a financial stability in order for me to be able to enjoy life.
@sencis (25)
• Latvia
29 Apr 13
I have always said, that money has no value for me, but actually, every one who says that - lies. Even tho it is not as important for me as some people around me, it still is the one thing about which I think a lot.
@lelin1123 (15595)
• Puerto Rico
29 Apr 13
You are so right. To many people don't know how to have fun and just take one day at a time. They are all looking for money, fame and power. It is a very sad life if that is all you are looking for. I'm thankful and grateful for the life I have. Its a simple life with much happiness and blessings. If more people didn't live to have the latest gadgets, the new fancy car and the big house the world would be a happier place to live.
@Dominique25 (9464)
• United States
29 Apr 13
Yeah I understand what you mean. There are so many things that people are after. Many things require money. And we have to work to support our families. It is important though that we strive to find a balance.
• Philippines
29 Apr 13
Enjoying life does not mean we have to party all day and all night. Every one of us do have a different views when it comes to enjoyment. As of the moment, I enjoy watching Korean Dramas, but one thing that I really enjoy is reading and travelling to places that I haven't been visited.
@ARIES1973 (11426)
• Legaspi, Philippines
29 Apr 13
We always have a choice to be happy or not. However, it seems that most of us are really running after money and power. Well perhaps that is the things that will make them happy. It also depends on what aspect of life will bring us happiness. Have a great day!
@velvet53 (22528)
• Palisade, Colorado
28 Apr 13
A lot of people are like that but there are many who know how it have fun, even those with money. I like to work and keep busy and right now I am really working. Once I get moved I plan to slow down and enjoy some fun myself. I know people who work to buy new things and then never have the time to enjoy them cause they are busy working to buy something else. That is sad. You are young, so have fun and enjoy life.
@sjvg1976 (41132)
• Delhi, India
28 Apr 13
Yes most of the people these days are running behind money but the fact which cannot be changed is money is important these days one cannot survive without it so people if do that is OK. Though most of the people forget that its not money only which is important to earn one has to make some sort of balance and should also focus on other things also and should not forget other things for just earning money.
@blackrusty (3519)
• Mexico
28 Apr 13
Money is what makes the world go around and those that have the power have the money a for the party well I have never been much into parties or going to bars or clubs not even into dinner parties but your right the simple time in life is long gone
• Philippines
28 Apr 13
No, its never hard, we can always enjoy life anytime we want.. its true, money and power is hard to earn- most of us are running after money to be more happy in life-- but the fact is, the most genuine thing that could make people truly happy are actually free. doesn't cost us any money, but more TIME--- to spend-- with family/friends/loveones - just enjoying the moment, to love, appreciate each other, share good laugh together and to be there for one another.