United States
April 29, 2013 12:33am CST
Today I picked the first strawberry I ever grew! I got the plants last year, but they're the kind that don't bear the first year. So I read up on the sandy loam soil they required, how much to mulch and water and even made friends with the original grower company, Bonnie Plants, in my Twitter garden chat. I placed catnip nearby to deter the ants and added fencing to protect them from rabbits, armadillos and deer. I kept a watchful eye on them through last summer's drought and winter cold as best I could, praying all the way for success, allowing them to propagate daughter plants via runners. Recently, my strawberry plants had begun to blossom and I got excited, knowing fruits were not far behind. Sure enough, the fruits began to form and extend from beneath the round, jagged-edged leaves. I watched closely as one berry went a little pink. Then today, as I was weeding the raised beds, there it was, a perfect, plump red strawberry, my very first! I promptly picked it before watering and, once inside after chores this evening, popped it into an individual peach biscuit cobbler. The taste was utterly divine!
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@succeednow (1633)
• Singapore
30 Apr 13
Hi belinda, This is a wonderful post. I've learned quite a bit about strawberries from this short piece. You are so lucky to be able to grow your own strawberries and get to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Wish I could grow strawberries too but since I live in a tropical country that is out of the question. Have a strawberylicious day!
@Fishmomma (11379)
• United States
30 Apr 13
That first strawberry of the season is always a great sight to see for me. I picked a dish of strawberries yesterday and hope to be able to pick another bowl tomorrow. Its great to see the berries ripen and know my daughter and I will have a healthy snack while watching television.
• United States
29 Apr 13
Homegrown strawberries are great, aren't they? When my boyfriend and I buy a place, I want to try my hand again at growing plants. Right now, we're in a rental where it isn't very easy to grow anything--not even in containers. So, I'm putting it off until we have our own place.
@allknowing (129389)
• India
29 Apr 13
That is an interesting story and I have had that experience over and over again. I have a garden full of beginner's delights! This is a secret of garden lovers - the joy is incomparable!! Cherish that strawberry belinda. It will taste divine.
• Marikina, Philippines
29 Apr 13
The strawberries are good even though I have not yet tasted it. He he. My best friend likes strawberries a lot. She said that strawberries taste so good that is why its her favorite.