a drunk man on the bus

April 29, 2013 2:12am CST
my mother is a member of an organization and they had an outing at a beach resort. i went with her and some of our relatives who are also members. there are a lot of people, i don't know exactly how many but there are 4 buses used for the event. at about 5 pm when we are about to go home, one of the passengers was so drunk that he can longer stand straight. he was looking weirdly to one of my cousins. i was thinking one wrong move and i would punch this man. he was really making a lot of people in the bus very uncomfortable especially us since we were seated near him. glad that his wife was there trying to control him. i don't understand why such people would get that drunk in an occasion where there are a lot of children.
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@RAJASB (109)
• India
30 Apr 13
First of all, such people should not be entertained to get into the bus and if he's in the conductor should make sure to keep an eye on him and try to control whenever he's free. People get drunk or not is their individual choice but he should be well aware if his habit causes any discomfort to others.
@longbangod (1785)
• Philippines
30 Apr 13
I used to see people like that. Even my own brother gets drunk in a state wherein he doesn't know anymore what's he's doing. But good if even if they're drunk they still manage to control themselves to behave accordingly. I like those who will just stay at the corner or will sleep whenever they're drunk. This is what I used to tell my friends and family, if you drink you should stop when you feel its already too much for you. Because when you get drunk, many undesirable things would happen.
@louievill (28851)
• Philippines
29 Apr 13
i hate people like them who spoil other people's fun especially in a gathering that is suppose to be family oriented and could even sometimes make others feel threatened or uncomfortable while they seem to enjoy being in that zombie like state. If he can hardly stand straight then i don't think there's a need to fear him, I just pity he's poor wife and he may also have he's own children with him, that would prevent me from knocking him out, not unless he starts touching or something...., yes drunks at times give a bad stare but that would not justify beating him to a pulp and you were right just waiting for he's move in order to take appropriate action.
30 Apr 13
I feel fear when I see somebody around whose really drunk and stares so hard. A lot of men usually drink up to their limits since their drinking won't be complete if not getting out so drunk, probably that man really loves to drink