proof that worry is bad for you

@savypat (20217)
United States
April 29, 2013 8:44am CST
I am doing a study that starts with taking my blood pressure each day at the same time. Overnight I started to worry about my situation, my car need service, my Hubby needs to see the skin doctor and I have the usual needs for my car. I have limited money so I worry about the cost of fixing the car. Well today my blood pressure was up about 10 points. Nothing has changed except yesterday morning I had not started to worry about my situation and this morning I had dreamed about it during the night and woke up worried. Solid proof that worry increases your blood pressure. Right?
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@tigeraunt (6327)
• Philippines
1 May 13
hello pat, at 54 i get 140/100 and a little higher. sometimes it is lower so i say it is erratic. when i have problems and worry about it, i get these high BPs. we always say to ourselves, come down and stop worrying, and for me, i always try not to. but not always the case. i cant stop worrying though. i wonder if we are allowed to go to the gym so we could work out and perspire. i have not seen my doctor for awhile now. have a nice day. ann
@cherigucchi (14604)
• Philippines
30 Apr 13
I am in my early 40s and I am glad that I am still this healthy that I do not experience such health risks. Though I also worry too much, I just try to do some other things to occupy my mind and time. I tend to channel out all the worries and anxieties that i am encountering each day of my life. Stay healthy, my friend.
@GardenGerty (149085)
• United States
29 Apr 13
It is definitely true that worry causes a multitude of ills. Relaxing and breathing deeply just before having your blood pressure taken and while the meter is on. I always consciously decide to relax when having my blood pressure checked, and any other time I am feeling tense. I hope everything works out for you there is always a mess it seems and cars will eat you alive.
@zandi458 (28102)
• Malaysia
29 Apr 13
I have lived for the past 30 years with an erratic BP and have been popping in thousands of pills and looks like I have to live with it for the rest of my life. Worries and many other causes can trigger our BP. We should reduce the amount of everyday worries to avoid the sudden rise of BP. Since it is a silent killer, less worry means an added lease of life for those of us who are already on BP medication.
@dawnald (84861)
• Shingle Springs, California
29 Apr 13
When I was testing to see if I was a compatible kidney donor for Tony, I was stressing about kids, and jobs, and that witch buyer's agent who was causing so much trouble about my deposit, and my blood pressure was high that week, when it's never high. Yeah, stress causes issues.
@emily7339 (1338)
• Malaysia
30 Apr 13
It is the worries that landed us in all kinds of illness. The negative effect is really great . So, it is good that we could keep ourselves calm and not being stressed over life. When our mind is at peace, then we could think of ways and better ideas to counter our problems . We do face a lot of life challenges from day to day, however being worrying over them will not going to help but cause us health problems. Worries always distract our focus.