Minimum Wage

United States
December 26, 2013 9:37am CST
It does need to be raised again. At the same time, when you have a family to raise and you live on minimum wage, you can't get greedy. One female who works at a fast food place in Chicago believes minimum wage should be $15 per hour. More people would be out of work, there would be less people cooking and doing other things. You would have to wait longer for your food and to buy groceries and more. Don't get greedy and think only of yourself because when you do that, then you get unrealistic expectations. I understand the need for more money. Think of others because there are millions of people on earth that have jobs that could lose them because of your greedy expectations. Think of not only yourself but the cost to others for your greed. Would you like losing your job because someone only cares for themselves and not those who also need to survive that have children who they also need to take care of? I would be very angry! So you need more money to live. Think of what you can do that will not cost someone else their job. The person that wants minimum wage has her own laptop that she can use to make more money. What would happen if she lost here job for minimum wage being raised to an unreasonable $15 per hour?
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@cupkitties (7421)
• United States
26 Dec 13
Hmm not sure about that. There are tons of jobs out there paying more than $15 an hour and no one is suffering for it, but most of those people have struggled through 4 years of college to be able to make that kind of money. It isn't fair to them nor does it send a good message if we start paying the same to hamburger flipping drop outs. If they want their $15 an hour, they need to get their butts to school or work more than one job like a lot of people are doing these days.