November 23, 2006 8:59am CST
Fans of this great trilogy, especially the book, are welcome,, to ask any queries and clear their doubts about the series! Your query can cover any instance(such as battle of hornburg) or any charachter(aragorn, legolas, gandalf, frodo, bilbo, merry, pip and sam) from the Lord of the Rings.
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@macubx (11421)
• Philippines
23 Nov 06
does the final book have a good ending?
• India
23 Nov 06
yes, in my view, there couldn't have been a better end. Unlike other fantasy stories, where hero lives happily ever after, LOTR doesn't have a honey coated ending. It depicts a parting, where one of the heroes of story, Frodo Baggins, has to leave his home & his best friends and go to Valinor(a place in story where elves dwell after they leave earth) in order to find peace of mind, as well as a cure for the shadow that fell on his spirit, due to a cursed wound he sustained in the Saga.
• United States
7 Jan 07
Actually Frodo could not have went to Valinor because of the Ban against mortal beings setting foot on the Undying Lands. Frodo, Bilbo, and later, Sam would have lived on Tol Eressea in the Bay of Valinor near Elven Tirion, the city located in the Calacirya. Tol Erresea is not part of the Undying Lands, but is an island. Tolkien never goes into this, but the hobbits do not become immortal - they simply receive peace of mind, physical healing, and the remainder of their lives are blessed with freedom from physical and mental woes. It is highly likely that Frodo is still alive when Sam reaches Tol Eressea, but Bilbo would have already passed to the Halls of Mandos in Valinor, and from there outside of the Circles of the World, to share in the Gift of Men. Hobbits are a mannish folk, a variant of some type, and their origin is never mentioned, not by the Elves, the Ents, the Istari/Maia, the Valar, or even Illuvatar himself.
@rapster1 (48)
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24 Nov 06
Yaeh i loved it too !!