The Sads

United States
September 6, 2015 1:47am CST
Life can get crazy, almost to the point where I feel like I'm drowning. Nothing feels right, everything hurts and you'd love to tell someone about it all, except you don't feel like talking and even if you did, the words just don't come. Months upon months of stress add up and nothing is fixable, all seems hopeless and... The sads begin. So you lock yourself in your room and endure yet another night of the sads. Watch the world crash around you and say nothing to anyone. You just wait. Wait for them to end our for yourself to end. And you wait and you wait for something in the sea of nerve-racking stress and wait some more. Feeling like you should do something but what?
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• United States
10 Jun 21
I miss you Stormy. I wish you were here now.
@Rosekitty (19368)
• San Marcos, Texas
8 Sep 15
I wish i could bring you a batch of brownies to help those sads..hugs hun
@sacmom (14192)
• United States
6 Sep 15
I know that feeling all too well. I've been that way for a while now. All we can do is take one day at a time. Hopefully things will get better for both of us.