It took a century to prove the gravitational wave?

February 13, 2016 9:44pm CST
A century back, Albert Einstein predicted about the gravitational wave and that is being proved now. Perhaps, it took a long time of reasearch to prove the last prediction of einstein's general theory of relativity. Here is a link which can give a clear picture about this theory. Can you share something on the gravitational wave? Will there be any gain for this humanity because of this invention?
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@Mike197602 (15489)
• United Kingdom
14 Feb 16
I don't have anywhere near the intellectual ability to even go into this in a basic way. All I know is Einstein predicted this and now it seems to have been proven which just shows how wrong the Germans were to declare Jewish people Untermensch Just shows the Nazis were a bunch of muggy idiots
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@silvermist (19702)
• India
15 Feb 16
@vickyblogs You know,though I do like to know such things in passing,I do not have much knowledge about science.So I am unable throw any light on gravitational wave.
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