How To Access The Old Version Of myLot

Kansas City, Missouri
February 23, 2016 3:15pm CST
We've flipped the switch (and crossed our fingers)! Now everybody is seeing the new myLot when they go to the main website at www .mylot .com Want to access the old website? You can now go to and be taken back in time. We will leave the old version up for a while during this transition period, but will eventually retire that version. What about That's still up as well, but we encourage everybody to start using www .mylot .com again. Hopefully this all makes sense! Thanks to everyone for there help. We will continue to iron out bugs this week, so please report anything odd.
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@Asylum (47893)
• Manchester, England
23 Feb 16
Access to the old site will actually be of benefit to me at the moment. I am perfectly happy the new layout, but have a temporary sight problem due to a recent eye operation having complications. As a result I am using 150% zoom on my browser, which restricts scrolling in the new site.
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• Midland, Michigan
25 Feb 16
Is it possible to get the bolded dates all the way back to a week before as it used to be before you began working on the new mylot? Now the notifications are only bolded back a couple of days, which works for most people here, but I get behind most every week. It's easier for me to see how far back i need to work before they get deleted when each day is bolded. Also, you've added the ability to delete a link put into a discussion, can you also add the ability to delete an image and then allow us to try a different image again? I had a post where I put two links. One I planned on being the live link as i had it set off at the bottom and another I didn't intend to be live, so I kept it within the paragraph. I included a photo on my computer. It originally posted correctly, but later it changed and put the wrong link live and took my photo and put it with the link instead. I deleted that link, but am not able to add a new photo to my post. It's this post of mine:
Divalounger found a free drawing website that you can create fun shapes using the techniques built right in. If you want you can download a copy, but you'll...
• Midland, Michigan
28 Feb 16
I don't know whether you ever saw this comment of mine, but I see it's been fixed and my original image I used is back where it was supposed to be all along, Thanks a lot.
• Calgary, Alberta
25 Feb 16
Maybe you should keep that old site for those people who prefers it, If such people exists.
@carebear29 (31962)
• Wausau, Wisconsin
6 May 16
I love this place. Thanks
• Austin, Texas
17 Mar 16
Looks like you all are doing a wonderful job upgrading the site and making it better!
• Midland, Michigan
25 Feb 16
Also, it's great that we can put tags into our comments, but it only works to pull together any discussions using those same tags, it doesn't include any of the responses/comments even when the same tag is used. [Did you understand that?]
@mysdianait (66009)
• Italy
23 Feb 16
Maybe you should make it a little bit clearer (like in bold for example) that we should all replace 'new' with 'www' to be on the most recent version.
@rosekiss (30380)
• Eugene, Oregon
23 Feb 16
I like the new one the best, and I certainly have no need to go back to the old one at all. The new one loads up faster and it looks nicer and I do like the drop dwon menus too, as I like everything together so I don't have to search and search for what I am wanting to find.
@much2say (53944)
• Los Angeles, California
23 Feb 16
I'm glad you made the switch - because otherwise I'd just keep going to the old one out of laziness! It's all good and I don't think there will be any need for me to access the old site. Bye old layout - hello new!
@allknowing (130332)
• India
24 Feb 16
I had the page scrolling problem. After reducing the size of fonts I see I can scroll right through. Also I was just wondering why there should be so much space left between the post and the responses.and also between one session of activity and the next.
@Jessicalynnt (50525)
• Centralia, Missouri
23 Feb 16
Very neat! I am glad to keeo on keeping on at the new one, it's so much easier to use in all formats, and seems to glitch much less!
@JudyEv (327428)
• Rockingham, Australia
23 Feb 16
I think it is great. Thanks for all the trouble you've gone to.
@Lucky15 (37346)
• Philippines
23 Feb 16
That's the kewword or put www instead of new on the url :)
@AkoPinay (11544)
• Philippines
24 Feb 16
I am using my iPhone only so I don't think I would need to access the old version :-D thanks!