Do you or have you worked 2 jobs or more?

May 26, 2016 11:48am CST
I did it once and its no picnic, When i was in college to have money I worked Saturday and Sunday and sometimes nights for a year and a half. Never had vacation time or days off. Was very draining, would not do it again unless absolutely necessary. Was at the time in order to have spending money, and was a good valuable lesson on the value of money.
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• Philippines
16 Aug 16
I'm currently working two jobs right now. One is part-time and sometimes, I do have to juggle three jobs (usually two part times). I only take extra work or task when I have free time from my main job since I like being busy and I never complain about extra income. I push myself most of the time and yes, it is very draining but also satisfying since I love what I am doing. Of course, there is always job insecurity, especially when I have free time . I think I prefer working two jobs rather than n ot having a job at all becuase I might feel less inclined to work.
@Porcospino (31393)
• Denmark
5 Jun 16
I used to have two jobs. I worked in home health care. I worked in the northern district from Monday to Friday and in the southern district in the weekends. I was living with my ex-boyfriend at that time and he had 3 jobs. We managed to save up quite a lot of money for travelling, but it was hard to work 7 days a week, and I probably wouldn't do it again.
@srhelmer (7030)
• Beaver Dam, Wisconsin
26 May 16
I did that several years ago. I had just started at my current job and my pay wasn't quite enough to cover our bills so I ended up working part time at a department store until the company owners realized they were seriously underpaying me for the work I was doing and nearly doubled my salary.
@annierose (18934)
• Philippines
5 Jun 16
I have been working on 2 institutions. One is in the government and another is in private. The salary I receive from my full time job is for our needs in the house. I give it all to my mom. Then, the salary I receive from my part time job goes in my savings account. I use my hard earned money to enjoy a vacation abroad.
@epyahj (186)
• Makati, Philippines
27 May 16
Im just working only one job.