Are you living your life purpose — or still searching?

@hydraa (808)
Mumbai, India
August 3, 2016 12:59pm CST
Somewhat a tricky question but that's the question. I don't know about others, but I sometimes wonder what have I been created for? There would be at least some purpose behind it, right? There are times when you feel completely useless to yourself. Out of curiosity, I have even googled it, how to find one's life purpose. I believe it isn't that easy but it's worth it. And probably someday when the time has arrived, we will all know the purpose of our lives. What do you say people? Have you discovered your life purpose? or still in search for it?
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@skysnap (20174)
3 Aug 16
I am in 30s. And still not sure where everything is going. :P
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@hydraa (808)
• Mumbai, India
5 Aug 16
I am in my 20s and I am going through the same thing.
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@LuciCJ (197)
• Cluj-Napoca, Romania
31 Aug 16
A very thorough and inquisitive topic that you are proposing us! I'm not sure.. but since I'm not, it most likely means I couldn't define a purpose of life as of now. I'm not sure if I am searching for one actually, as probably more mundane issues of life take quite a while to be completed - and thus leave too little time for meditation.
@innertalks (18846)
• Australia
18 Aug 16
Do we have a purpose for what we do, and did we have one for what we have already done? Is there any purpose for anything, do we each have our own individual purpose, and what after all is purpose anyway? I think that purpose comes out from purpose. This means that you must act and live your life on purpose, not randomly, and then the purpose behind your purposeful purposing will eventually catch up to you. This is so because you need to start the ball rolling first, and then purpose, like the steering wheel on the now moving car, will simply guide your car forwards for you along the road of your underlying purpose. Stop looking for purpose then, and just keep actively moving in the direction that you find yourself within right now for now, for even if you do not know your purpose, for sure it is guiding you, that is, if you keep actively moving through life.