Do you ever wonder about your dreams?

Merced, California
August 6, 2016 3:52pm CST
I'm a huge fan of studying dreams. I think it started a few years back when I would have just the most vivid dreams and felt like I was in another world. I remember I went on over to the bookstore and purchased several dream books and used to log my dreams every day. I think taking a look at your dreams can help you in real life. They say if you lie still in bed for 10 seconds before fully waking up and moving that you're more likely to remember your dreams. My belief is that your dreams are a reflection of your subconscious. I feel that we all face a variety of problems throughout our day and we have a lot to deal with and perhaps because of that we suppress it. Specific people or objects in your dreams can be a symbol of whats really going on in your life. Its important to take note of what stood out most in your dreams and think about how it relates to your real life. I say this because as much as I help others interpret their dreams, you are the only person who truly knows whats going on inside your head. For example some people think if they dream of killing someone that they would be capable of doing it in real life. Of course any of us are capable it whether or not we choose to do it. And also most times when you dream of the scenario the person you are killing in your dream is usually a representation of yourself. Say there's part of your personality you wanted to change or you were ashamed of something you did in your past and you're ready to face it. Like I said, only you can truly know that. Of course, this is not always the case. You have to be smart about it and kind of filter out the dreams that mean something versus the dreams you had because you watched Suicide Squad the night before. Hopefully this is of use to anyone interested in studying dreams or just for the hell of it.
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• United States
7 Aug 16
Yes. I have some weird dreams sometimes and I would love to understand what they really mean.
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• Mumbai, India
7 Aug 16
yaaaa, I also wonder sometimes about the space its a beautiful dream where I rome the whole universe.
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@CinnamonGrl (7082)
• Santa Fe, New Mexico
7 Aug 16
I usually remember bits and pieces of my dreams the next day. Did you ever have a dream where someone's behavior in a dream actually affected how you felt about them the next day? I've had that happen. You know it's not rational, but still. . . I have a couple of recurring dreams, one where I float into the air and fly all over the place and can look down on the rooftops and trees. Another is where my kids and I are at back at one of the houses where we used to live -- but we're hiding. Nobody is supposed to know we're there. LOL .
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@innertalks (20071)
• Australia
8 Aug 16
Can our dreams link us to our higher self, and help us to unchain ourselves from our just being our lower self?
"My belief is that your dreams are a reflection of your subconscious." Is this really entirely right though? Our subconscious or something else seems to mostly be running the workings of our bodies, our immune system, our organs, our heart, and our breathing etc etc, but if our dreams are also being run by this subconscious part of us, for what purpose would this be being done? Are we really in charge of our own lives then, if some other part of us is trying to guide us in our dreams? What is this part of us, is it the "real" us, and if it is what or who is the "us" who we are being right now? Ultimately, I think that nothing can control us. This is because the person that we really are is not something to be controlled, even by God. It is though, I suspect, something that has been created by God, or something, (or perhaps it is only the Universe), to grow in a sort of way that brings understanding and wisdom to us, as our being a part of God, (or this Universe) and so our body, although it seems like us,(all of us) is also a part of this. All of this hidden agenda like subterfuge, is not so much a deception, but just different existing levels of you that must be peeled away like the skins/outer layers of an onion to find the real you, the core part of you. It is this "higher/inner" part of you, which we might even call your soul, which is trying to send signals to you to guide the rest of you through dreams, and also through your intuition, because it wants to see if you can get each lesson which it has been sent to be given too, and which it usually gets it first theoretically, but it wants to see how this can be of practical connective use when you apply it in your real outer life, from a now gotten, or perhaps only just remembered, inner knowing. These two parts of you, the outer and the inner, are merely only labels though, because the real you is both of these rolled into the one functioning part of God, (or the Universe) that you really are. All of this means to me that our dreams are another tool being made available to us that we might learn in a somewhat different way, perhaps lessons, that we have missed seeing completely in our more "real" outer lives. Dreams then mean something, and to me they are another type of experience wherein we can see the working of love and truth, and so consciously know this too, that is if we can retain some of these lessons and dream fragments, or even whole dreams, consciously remembered, when we wake up. Dreams have always fascinated me. I hope this reply is not too lengthy!
@Deepizzaguy (89517)
• Lake Charles, Louisiana
6 Aug 16
Some of my dreams are either about my past employment with a delivery company or my deceased loved ones.
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• India
6 Aug 16
When I dream, I start murmuring words also, it has been observed by my close ones. One night I started to cry :D
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