The Ice Cream Invention

@wolfie34 (26771)
United Kingdom
August 26, 2016 7:36am CST
I love entering competitions, and one I recently took part in definitely tickled my fancy. It was a competition to invent a new flavour of ice cream! The first prize was £500 which is roughly $800 plus a WHOLE YEAR supply of ice cream, now that is something worth winning! There were also runner up prizes of £25 cash or $40. You could only have one entry and all you needed was an imagination, plus it had to be something you'd enjoy eating, after all if you won that is exactly what you'll be eating, your own invention. Personally I love coconut, so my invention entry was this Coconut ice cream, with pineapple chunks, with strawberry sauce and crushed pistacchio nuts. Mouth watering? Well sadly, I didn't win first prize, but I did win a runner up prize so I was at least £25 better off and it didn't cost me a single penny! Oh and what better to spend the £25 on some ice cream and yes, coconut ice cream! Would you take time to conjure up a new ice cream flavour if it meant winning a decent prize?
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@sabtraversa (13349)
• Italy
26 Aug 16
I don't like coconut much, but I would have tasted your creation. Of course I would try to make a new ice cream flavor, even for free! Peanut ice cream with jelly. Or peanut ice cream with hot nutella.
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@GardenGerty (158897)
• United States
26 Aug 16
Your combination sounds absolutely wonderful. I would love to have a myLot ice cream party. When put to the test I am not very inventive. I love tropical fruit, but I also love things like caramel, nuts and chocolate. If I happened to come up with something great I would enter a contest.
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@mawdest (1587)
• Canada
26 Aug 16
I have had coconut ice cream with pineapple in it.. I liked the coconut part but not the pineapple that much. Just my personal preference. I still like your idea though! I especially like the "strawberry sauce" and the pistacchio nuts sound pretty darn good too! Anyways, I am glad you won some money out of it, and sounds like you are a very creative and imaginative type person, that's great! Keep it up! :)