when someone is not the father of your kids

@QueenAva (765)
Nicosia, Cyprus
September 21, 2016 4:04pm CST
Its very possible that the real dad wont care less about his kids.. sometimes when dad goes away, years past by, some woman remarried some get a boyfriend. Tragic is when even the boyfriend is almost like there father....trying very hurt to think positive again!
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@likun123 (298)
• Angul, India
24 Sep 16
My own friend is the example of your question...he take the son as own
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@QueenAva (765)
• Nicosia, Cyprus
24 Sep 16
As you said....example
@5thHouse (1678)
• Sheffield, England
22 Sep 16
I think sometimes women just seem to attract or be attracted to the same type of useless men who don't make good fathers. But there are some good ones out there and I can think of a few friends who found someone who was a good dad to their kids after the original dad left the picture.
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@ricki_911 (21626)
• Toronto, Ontario
21 Sep 16
Many times it can be seen before the child arrive, they are usually immature and childish. But it is better off without the.
@princemaxp (2027)
• Bhubaneshwar, India
8 Nov 16
but you have to think positive again......this is the only way you could live happily Ava !!!
@EMbakes (1142)
• Philippines
22 Sep 16
It happens to most people.
@XinfulThotz (4142)
• Singapore, Singapore
22 Sep 16
i have many friends who remarried and their 2nd husbands are good fathers and took the kids as their own..