It always feel so Good to be Home.( Its a new year. A Reflection on what I did with my Life in the previous years.)

January 11, 2017 9:48pm CST
Everyday I always feel happy whenever I arrive home. I love seeing my dog jumping around barking looking so happy to see me. I pet my dog until it stops jumping and then I walk towards my plant to check if there are any changes on it. I enter the house, my mom greets me, and then my sister starts talking about anything funny that's happening at work while I'm eating, then I wash my face and do other stuff that I do before entering my room. Today, in my almost 32 years of being alive I can say that life for me is worth living for when you know what gives you the feeling of contentment and happiness. For me, its being at home. Being with my family, and when I say family that means it includes our dogs. Although there was a time when I don't like being at home. That was way back during my teen years and my 20's. I rarely stay at home. I was always out with either friends or in school. I only go to school to be with friends and not really for my studies. I used to cut classes because I find it boring and it's fun to cut classes. But although I cut classes I don't fail my subjects, I will only fail if I really stop entering the class. I had 3 schools in High School. I had 7 schools in College and shifted course 7 times in college aswell. There were moments in college where I will only come home to take a bath, and then go to school during daytime, then after school I hang out with my friends along with their friends drinking or going-out in gimik. I do it almost everyday that I end up wearing my uniform from day to dawn because we stay at the bar drinking until it closes, then when it already closes we head to Bonguyan until daylight shows up and its time to go home. Thankfully, I was able to graduate from college despite my attitude. It was the time when I decided to try being alone so I can finish my studies because I'm getting old. Majority of my friends are from different schools and when I'm in school the ones I hang-out with are irregular students, it often leads me to cut classes because most of them are drinkers. Anyway, after I graduated from college I started working as an Account Executive in Digital Interface, Work was easy but I find it boring so I quit my job and took a vocational course. I finished my vocational course and had my OJT in Ford Davao. I got absorb by the company and in just few months I was chosen to be trained for a Supervisor position meant to be assign in Gensan. Thinking of working in Gensan for a long period of time felt like I'll be wasting my years in that Job because I was thinking position can get you stuck in 1 company. I was still young back then so I wanted to explore. So, I quit my Job and went to Manila to work as a Call Center Agent. Although some people I know back then thought of me as crazy for leaving that job and position for a call center job. I didn't really care because in my mind the place where I will be is going to be a new environment, and if its a call center you can always quit and change company whenever you get bored because there are so many Call Centers in Manila. During those times, I don't really see my family like how I see them now. Before, we were actually not so close to each other. Although we do go out together but I don't see them like how I see my closest friends, the friends that I'm referring to here are my High-School friends who's been with me for more than 15 years, me and my old friends only stop seeing each other when most got married and family became the priority, then some relocated elsewhere. Anyway, going back. Being home back then doesn't really feel like home. It only change when I got back from Manila. It was the time I decided to be so open to my sisters and Mom. Eventually, family relationship problems were fix and I became so close to them. We became so open to each other, we talk everyday about anything. My sisters are good with jokes so we often end up laughing together especially during Sunday because it is the day when were all complete. We still do experience family problems because family problems are normal to experience within the family but it becomes easier to solve when everyone are more open to each other with how they really feel. As time pass, I notice the changes it made to my personality and attitude. I started to love staying at home.I don't go out drinking anymore, I prefer to stay at home more than go out with other people. I no longer drink even if its just for socialization. And I don't feel bored anymore just by staying at home. The Desire to explore and go anywhere has finally gone out. I feel like I have become my 90 years old Aunt that doesn't want to go anywhere and just prefers to stay at home taking care of her mini garden and looking out on her coconut trees checking if its already ready for Copra. I realize that I finally found my feeling of contentment. Something that I never felt in my younger years. Simple things but more satisfying to discover. Simple things but it gives me a feeling of contentment and joy inside my heart. It's like living life is just a matter of finding what makes you feel contented.
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@JudyEv (178820)
• Bunbury, Australia
12 Jan 17
It seems like you have really settled down now. It is good to be content with your life.
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