Hayes, Virginia
July 17, 2017 11:02am CST
They say that if a man/woman puts their hands on you in a violent manner while in a relationship he or she doesn't really love you. However, can't things escalate in the heat of a moment?
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@dragon54u (31621)
• United States
17 Jul 17
Yes, things can escalate but you should never, ever, stay with a person that becomes violent with you. Violence can also mean destroying things, throwing furniture--if he will do that, you will be next! Do not stay with a violent person. If you are with a man who has hit you, please leave right away. There are agencies that will help you. Violence is NEVER an expression of love and apologies do not make it go away, nor do promises never to do it again. There is nothing loving about hurting someone.
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@shikharava (1838)
17 Jul 17
But then again, one doesn't have to be violent! Yeah, views differ and all, but still... instead of arguing and hitting each other, it's better to sort things out in a peaceful and less argumentative manner.
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@kiran8 (15359)
• Mangalore, India
19 Jul 17
When a person is angry or gets provoked beyond a certain limit , he or she can get abusive or even violent. However , there is no excuse for violence in any relationship.. one may continue to be together out of compulsion but the person at the receiving end will forever be stressed and unsure . It also takes away he respect and love to a great extent.
@3account (317)
• United States
17 Jul 17
its best to walk away from such a situation, in anger one says and does things only to be regretted later.. only a spineless man hits a woman. if the woman does so,maintain dignity and move over it. its about self respect also. In the heat of the moment, a lot of things can happen, if it does, time to call quits on that relation.
• Valdosta, Georgia
17 Jul 17
Yes but most people have enough self control to walk away before it gets to the violent point-that's where they show you if they love you or not, can they walk away before completely losing it?
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• United States
17 Jul 17
No. If someone hits you when they become angry or even when they aren't angry and blame you for it happening then they don't love you. They never loved you. There is a difference between, love, lust, and just want to be in control. People who beat their spouses don't know what love is and just want power and control. You should never stay with someone who gets violent with you whether that be hitting you, emotional bringing you down, or even trying to isolate you from family and friends. One way to help prevent domestic abuse is to know the signs and warnings of an abusive relationship. I see a lot of post on Facebook about people's spouses being controlling or making simple statement likes if I left the house wearing that or got my hair/tattoo/piercings, etc. done my boyfriend/girlfriend would beat my a** and people think that this is cute, funny, or relationship "goals" when in reality it is abuse or the start of an abusive relationship. Society has made these things look cute in movies and TV shows so now we just expect it to be normal. My boyfriend and I disagree sometimes because everyone does at some point but we have NEVER even raised our voices at each other before while having a disagreement/fight/argument.
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@1hopefulman (45248)
• Canada
17 Jul 17
I would say that yes, things can escalate in the wrong direction in the heat of an argument, Let's say one person slaps the other and that is all that person does. it might be just a lack of self-control. If this was a very rare occasion, and usually there was a lot of love in the relationship, I can see forgiveness being extended. However, physical violence, even a little, can be hard to take and can do a lot of damage. It is like a dangerous barrier has been crossed.
• United States
17 Jul 17
Love does not come into this picture at all. It doesn't matter how you or he or she feel about one another. Who wants to be hit?
@Neiltarquin (1064)
• Rass, Saudi Arabia
17 Jul 17
Violence will solve nothing.