My Tiger Salamander

@loki1982 (780)
Dallas, Texas
October 13, 2017 12:42pm CST
I rescued this Tiger Salamander. He was being sold in the larva stage as fish bait at a local store. I bought 10 of the "Water Dogs". Only 2 survived and this was one of them.
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@JohnRoberts (109848)
• Los Angeles, California
13 Oct 17
Fish bait? For what kind of fishing?
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@loki1982 (780)
• Dallas, Texas
13 Oct 17
People use them for bass fishing.
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@TheHorse (211820)
• Walnut Creek, California
21 Aug 18
Is his skin "poisonous," like the skin of our local salamanders here (in California)? We're not supposed to handle them if we have open cuts.
@LadyDuck (466073)
• Switzerland
14 Oct 17
Poor babies, I have salamanders in our garden. We have a pond, I see the young salamanders slowly moving around in early Spring.
@Hannihar (130228)
• Israel
19 Oct 17
Good for you and what a good thing you did. What is it like to have that as a pet?
@tzwrites (4835)
• Romania
14 Oct 17
Poor little thing. I'm glad you rescued it.
13 Oct 17
It's so liddle and cute!!!