The World situation

United States
December 16, 2017 7:16am CST
How would you say the world stands as it is now? We have countries ..running test missals .. Other countries blowing up bombs in check points.. and others building walls in an attempt to keep the bad out.. What do you think .. How do you feel we are doing as a world?
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• London, England
16 Dec 17
I think the world is a mess. The leaders of the countries are very bad at peace. They only seem to know war and disagreement.
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• United States
16 Dec 17
I agree and it seems that wars are started by those on top but fought by the little people who have no control of what's decided
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@marguicha (210424)
• Chile
16 Dec 17
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@1hopefulman (45127)
• Canada
16 Dec 17
Life is beautiful. Nature has so much beauty and variety. There are some real good people. But the world is a mess and we have people and forces that want and will make things even worse. God help us and soon!
@LeaPea2417 (35969)
• Toccoa, Georgia
16 Dec 17
Everything is messed up in the world today.
@sallypup (56328)
• Centralia, Washington
11 Nov 19
The world needs a whole lot more folks who just want to hang out, maybe write some poetry, maybe sniff a tree, anything but attempt an argument that would result in nasty feelings and actions.
• Philippines
16 Dec 17
This world is all about power, money, competition, pollution, murders, war, misunderstanding, poverty,selfishness etc.... I pray to God to forgive the humanity.
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